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Nakatanenga Lamp Bracket for Land Rover Defender, without lamps

€299.00 *

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↪️️ flat lamp bracket ✔️ does not increase the vehicle height when the lamps are mounted hanging ✔️ various colours ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 6,1 kg

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Nakatanenga Lamp Bracket for Land Rover Defender The Nakatanenga lamp bracket is the answer to... more

Nakatanenga Lamp Bracket for Land Rover Defender

The Nakatanenga lamp bracket is the answer to customer requests for a flat mounting solution for lamps on the Land Rover Defender, which does not increase the overall height of the vehicle (when the lamps are mounted hanging down) - this means that, for example, the use of an underground garage / driveway is still possible without having to do without adequate lighting. When the lamps are mounted upright, the vehicle height is minimally increased.

The one-piece bracket is made entirely of stainless steel, glass bead blasted and powder coated. It has four mounting eyes for individual headlights or the feet of one or two LED bars. It also has an additional mounting eyelet in the centre (facing backwards) that can be used for a GPS or radio antenna. The support tube has openings so that the headlamp connection cables (not supplied) can be neatly routed inside it. Eyelets for attaching cable ties round off the well thought-out details.

For a neat installation, we recommend the Aquasignal cable grommet for the roof (so the light bar also remains easily removable) as well as our power distributor with fuse holder.

Please also note our bundles with price advantage:

    Nakatanenga Lightbar with 4 Vision-X LED Worklights UMX
    Nakatanenga lamp hanger with 2 Vision-X LED spotlights LPX
    Nakatanenga lamp hanger with 4 Vision-X LED spotlights Cannon

Not combinable with the original Land Rover lamps and also not with Mantec lamps!

Please select the desired colour of the lamp hanger.

The lamp bracket does not fit in conjunction with the following original Land Rover snorkel:

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