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Vision-X LED spotlight with E-approval mark

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↪️️ LED spotlight from Vision-X ✔️ with E-mark for legal use on the road ✔️ 8.874 lumens per pair of headlights ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Vision-X LED spotlight with E-mark LED headlights from Vision-X with E-mark for legal use on... more

Vision-X LED spotlight with E-mark

LED headlights from Vision-X with E-mark for legal use on the road - the E-mark is valid when the headlights are used in pairs and used as driving lights. Price per pair.

From currently four different product series, headlamps from Vision-X are now ECE certified, i.e. they may legally be used in road traffic as main beam headlamps. This test only applies to one model with the specified number of LEDs, brightness and beam angle. We have summarised these models again here and offer them as a pair. The reference number of a single spotlight is 7.5.

All these spotlights have in common that they are equipped with 9 LEDs of 5W each, which results in 4,437 lumens per spotlight. They differ in their respective construction, mounting and adjustability.

The EPX-910 model has a square design (3x 3 LEDs) while the TPX-910 model has a classic round design and fits very well with classic off-road vehicle models such as the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Land Cruiser. It also allows the use of coloured lens covers to improve visibility in certain weather situations.

The two models, LPX-910 and HPX-910, both have a strip design (approx. 35cm wide) and differ in their mounting. While the LPX model has an adjustability of 15°, the HPX-910 shines with a very sophisticated mount that allows an adjustment of 180°, making it suitable for difficult mounting situations.

Common product features:

    Equipped with nine LEDs per spotlight in state-of-the-art 5W technology
    Light output: 8,874 lumens per pair of spotlights
    robust die-cast aluminium housing in various designs (round, square, strip-shaped)
    scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
    thermally optimised housing for best possible heat dissipation
    low power consumption (only 45 watts per spotlight)
    waterproof according to IP68 standard
    9-32 V multi-voltage capability
    integrated thermal management
    waterproof German plug
    adjustable via optional dimmer thanks to Prime Drive technology

The models in comparison:

Model         Number of LEDs                 Light output                      Design         Adjustability         Diffusers               
TPX-910     each 9x 5 W per spotlight     8.874 lumens per pair             round                 15°              optionally available
EPX-910     each 9x 5 W per fixture        8.874 lumens per pair             square               105°    
LPX-910     each 9x 5 W per fixture         8.874 lumens per pair           groin-shaped        15°             optionally available
HPX-910     each 9x 5 W per fixture         8.874 lumens per pair           groin-shaped      180°    

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