Remote control for the power supply of 8 additional electrical products

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Converting your 4x4 into a camper van or a utility vehicle is a tricky job, nearly impossible to... more

Converting your 4x4 into a camper van or a utility vehicle is a tricky job, nearly impossible to plan in all its details from the outset. Only with time you’ll realize where switches should have gone or that an additional lamp or ancillary device could have been put somewhere else instead. Or there are safety regulations that prevent you from wiring certain switches into your dashboard, e.g. work or camping lights that mustn’t be switched on inadvertently while driving. And that’s when you simply decide to live with the compromises and inferior solutions because you simply dread the thought of having to re-wire everything.

If you know this situation, the Wireless Connect RSU60 by Ring is for you. It lets you wire up to 8 devices easily and quickly into the tech hub, a centrally located connector panel, without the need for separate wiring of switches. All connected devices like lamps, gadgets and mechanisms are operated wireless by one remote control, wherever it is convenient. This comfortable and efficient system saves you time and materials and spares your nerves as well when something goes wrong or stops working. Faulty connections or other glitches can be easily traced from the one central tech hub, eliminating the need to take half the car apart as with hardwired solutions fitted behind dashboards and paneling or inside struts or conduits.

The 12 V tech hub boasts a maximum ampage of 60 A and is designed for parallel operation of several devices. All connections are individually fused and a manual override guarantees additional safety. Moreover, battery protection ensures that battery voltage is constantly maintained and depletion is prevented.

The remote switch buttons can be allocated as necessary and individually identified by an included set of stickers with different icons. The remote also features user-friendly backlit illumination, status lights and a sleep mode. Pairing the remote with the hub is as simple as pressing two buttons and unique signal pairing means that you can operate the same functions on the hub with two remote controls, one in the cabin and one in the back for example. This increases both comfort and safety. The remote is kept and charged in an included docking station.

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