Stainless steel coffee pot with percolator

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↪️ ️ for gas, electric stove or open fireplace ✔️ coffee strength adjustable by percolator system ✔️ max. 9 cups ✔️ best quality
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Coffee pot with percolator Starting a day without one is hard to imagine and that applies not... more

Coffee pot with percolator

Starting a day without one is hard to imagine and that applies not only at home. Especially when you’re spending time outdoors or on the road for longer, when camping, on expedition or simply around a campfire, there’s hardly anything more comforting or morale boosting than a nice cup of hot, tasty coffee.

With this 100% stainless steel coffee maker you can brew excellent coffee anywhere you are – on gas or electric hobs, on camping cookers and even in or above open fires. The percolator insert allows you to perfectly achieve the desired strength of the brew. An embossed measurement scale for up to 9 cups makes it very easy to gauge the right quantities.

Including the percolator, the coffee pot offers a volume of up to 1.2 liters, without the insert you can heat up to 1.5 l of water. The coffee maker features a hinged lid, a glass knob for the percolator, a sturdy grip and handles for hanging it over open fires. The coffee pot is 20 cm high und measures 12 cm in diameter. Coffee maker and insert combined weigh only 660 g approximately.

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