Banner Running Bull AGM Batterien

Banner Running Bull AGM Battery

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↪️ capable of high voltage ✔️ deep charge protection ✔️ reinforced body/spill proof ✔️ capacity range from 70 to 105 Ah ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • BARB-070
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Banner's Running Bull series is the perfect battery for any offroad vehicle. With its modern AGM... more

Banner's Running Bull series is the perfect battery for any offroad vehicle. With its modern AGM (absorbing glass mat) technology, the Running Bull offers a wide range of features tailored to the 4x4 market

  • The battery acid is bound in fiberglass wool - preventing it from spilling, even at extreme angles
  • The limited self-discharge makes it perfect for vehicles not in use every day
  • The battery is cycle proof, allowing it to be charged and discharged even more often than a regular car battery, lengthening its lifespan
  • Even hour-long gravel roads and all the vibration that comes with it do not affect the functionality
  • The battery case is sealed, thus there are no vapors and an installment inside the cabin is possible
  • The battery is deep discharge proof, allowing it to be discharged for an extended number of times whereas normal batteries would suffer after only very few of those instances
  • It is also capable of high currents allowing it to provide electricity fast and with high voltages without sustaining any damage! This is especially useful when operating a winch or a large entertainment system
  • Even in low temperatures, the battery will deliver up to 900 A, this way you do not have tomorrow whether your 4x4 will run or not. Allowing for carefree use even in times of high tech interiors. 

Depending on the desired capacity, mounting spot and configuration you can choose from a variety of options to fit your needs. Concerning the Defender: It is possible to mount any of the battery models up to 105 Ah underneath the driver's seat. When choosing a two battery system it is even possible to mount two with the capacity 80 Ah each - that's why we recommend our 160 Ah dual battery system, shipped ready to install with the amount and our intelligent battery management system. If one really wanted to, even two 92 Ah batteries could be installed underneath the seat, but this is a very time-consuming process and we do not recommend taking this approach.

Technical specifications:

Article Number Capacity Voltage Coldstart Dimension Technology
BARB-070 70 Ah 12 V 720 A CCA 278x190x175 mm AGM
BARB-080 80 Ah 12 V 800 A CCA 315x190x175 mm AGM
BARB-092 92 Ah 12 V 850 A CCA 354x190x175 mm AGM
BARB-105 105 Ah 12 V 900 A CCA 394x190x175 mm AGM



12V-Batterie: 1x Batteriepfand
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