Battery combiner Cyrix-ct 12/24V

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↪️ Voltage controlled relay for 12 V and 24 V systems ✔️ for 120 ampere continuous load ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Electronically operated relay for simultaneous charging of two batteries (e.g. starting- and... more

Electronically operated relay for simultaneous charging of two batteries (e.g. starting- and board-battery). The relay is installed between the two batteries, it stays disconnected until one of the batteries reaches a predetermined voltage level. Now the relay connects the two and both are fully charged. This method ensures that even when only using the vehicles for short distances the starter battery is always ready to go. Additionally, the Cyrix-ct software monitors the tendencies of the voltage levels and then optimizes the delay accordingly.


12/24 V Automatic: The Cyrix-ct relay automatically recognizes the voltage and adjusts the output.

Heat protection: The Cyrix disconnects when he recognizes temperatures exceeding the optimal operating temperature and shuts of accordingly, the relay connects automatically once the temperature has fallen again.


Once you turn off your motor and the alternator no longer charges the batteries they are automatically disconnected to spare the starter battery for when you want to get going again. As soon as the voltage falls the relay allows for a short delay in the disconnect to keep the batteries from overloading. The Cyrix-ct operates based on past charging patterns and only deviates from these when changes to this pattern appear within a certain interval. The duration of the delay depends on the pattern of deviation in voltage.


Technical Details: 

  • Operating voltage (automatically): 12 V / 24 V
  • Peak Power: 300 A
  • Consatnt Power: 120 A 
  • Tightening voltage: from 13 V to 13,8 V and 26 V to 27,6 V with intelligent disconect
  • Abfallspannung: Von 11 V bis 12,8 V und 22 bis 25,7 V with inteligent disconnect
  • Power consumption when disconnected: <4 mA
  • Power consumption when connected: 12 V: 220 mA ; 24 V: 120 mA
  • Wire bolts: M6
  • Measuements: 46 x 46 x 80 mm
  • Protection: IP54
  • Weight: 150 g


Connecting (V)



Disconnecting (V)


V < 13 V

Stays open


V < 11 V

0 s

13,0 V < V < 13,2 V

10 min


11,0 V < V < 12,0 V

1 s

13,2 V < V < 13,4 V

5 min


12,0 V < V < 12,2 V

10 s

13,4 V < V < 13,6 V

1 min


12,2 V < V < 12,4 V

30 s

13,6 V < V < 13,8 V

4 s


12,4 V < V < 12,8 V

3 min




>  12,8 V

Stays connected




>  16 V

Overload prevention

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