AUTOTERM air 4D (Planar 44D) diesel / air parking heater with additional tank

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  • PLANAR-44D12-PU5
  • 11 kg

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AUTOTERM air 4D (Planar 44D) diesel / air parking heater with additional tank. As a low-priced... more

AUTOTERM air 4D (Planar 44D) diesel / air parking heater with additional tank.

As a low-priced and powerful alternative to our complete Webasto parking heater kits, we offer the AUTOTERM 4D (formerly Planar 44D) parking heater. The particularly compact dimensions and its heating power of 4 kW allow installation even in small cars, vans off-roaders motor homes, construction machines, boats or under difficult installation situations. The extensive range of accessories supplied simplifies installation.

The parking heater has an approval for the European market (ECE mark) and can therefore be installed without registration. The hole pattern here corresponds to the familiar heaters of Eberspächer Airtronic and Webasto AirTop 2000, so that here can be easily replaced without having to drill new holes in the body.

All AUTOTERM parking heaters are characterized above all by their durability and reliability with economical consumption. In addition, the heater also has a switchable ventilation function.

The parking heater can also be operated while driving. Extensive accessories are available here in our store. The AUTOTERM 4D (prev. 44D) parking heater needs warm air pipes and outlets with 75 mm diameter.

Running time: The AUTOTERM parking heater switches off automatically after 2 hours of operation. However, once you press a button during operation, the parking heater will continue to run indefinitely until it is manually turned off.

Scope of delivery:
- Control element (either PU-5 or Comfort Control depending on your selection.
- metering pump
- Rubber holder metering pump
- Wiring harness metering pump
- Wiring harness heater
- Intake air hose with integrated silencer
- Heat protection hose
- End piece exhaust pipe incl. clamp
- Tank intake pipe
- 5.5 m fuel line
- 7 l fuel tank plastic (width: 33 cm + 3 cm intake manifold; height: 26.5 cm + 3 cm bracket + 4.5 cm screw cap, depth: 10 cm)
- 300 mm fuel line connector
- 1 m corrugated metal exhaust pipe
- exhaust silencer
- screws, nuts, clamps, heat shrink tubing, cable ties
- Instruction manual

Technical data:
- Fuel type: diesel
- Heating power: max. 4 kw, min. 1 kw
- Volume of heated air: max. 120 m³/h, min. 70 m³/h
- Fuel consumption in operation: max. 0,514 l/h, min. 0,12 l/h
- Power consumption in operation: max. 62 W at 12 V operating voltage, max. 58 W at 24 V operating voltage, min. 10 W
- Manual start/stop

 → On the site you can find a calculator for correct air heater sizing,

You can choose between two control elements:

- PU-5 control element with rotary control: the old PU-10 control element had a relatively inaccessible control surface. Therefore, the reliable control element with rotary control is now the new improved standard of Planar parking heaters! With the rotary control you can adjust the heating power of the parking heater and regulate the power of the ventilation in the ventilation mode! The PU-5 control element with rotary control can also be purchased separately here.

- The digital control element Comfort Control with timer has an OLED display and an understandable and clear interface.  Temperature, ventilation and power can be configured via the display and the various buttons. With the new timer, you simply set the start of the parking heater to a specific time. The organic light-emitting diodes of the display ensure a particularly high contrast and low power consumption. The digital control element with timer can also be purchased separately here.

Setting options (Comfort Control):

  • Temperature and power (adjustable for the parking heater, the control panel and for an external heater)
  • Time and date
  • Operating language (English or Russian)
  • Functions of the timer (Comfort Control):
  • Memory function: save time so that the parking heater starts at this time every day
  • Configurable memory locations: Up to 3 different days of the week with different times can be set and stored.

The AUTOTERM Luft 2D (Planar 2D) is equipped with a height kit!

This means that the heater independently reduces the injection quantity according to the ambient air pressure. This reduces or prevents sooting of the combustion chamber when the air oxygen content drops. The maximum heating power decreases proportionally to the amount of oxygen in the air. Roughly one can say: From 2,000 meters the loss of power per 500m altitude is about 5%. Manufacturer tests up to 3.440 m were without problems. Up to 4,000 m, no difficulties are to be expected. Up to 5,000 m the software calculates itself - but this could not be tested in real altitude yet.

Please note:
Use this 4 kW heater only if this size is really erforgerlich! It is expressly not recommended to permanently turn down the heating. In case of less demand the AUTOTERM Luft 2D (former Planar 2D parking heater) is recommended. If the larger heater is used on a long-term basis on a lower load, the combustion chambers will quickly become sooty - which will cause the heater to fail.

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