Central electrics TEXU400 - Fuse holder, busbars

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TEXU400 central electrics for touring vehicles and boats The TEXU400 revolutionises electrical... more

TEXU400 central electrics for touring vehicles and boats

The TEXU400 revolutionises electrical installation. It combines various components that previously had to be purchased individually in a round housing that optimises the use of space and the number of possible connections in the smallest possible space. The special arrangement, which is ONLY available in the TEXU400, enables system integration with groundbreakingly low effort. This results in drastic savings in costs as well as time and space, while at the same time reducing sources of error and providing the highest level of application comfort after installation.

It also requires considerably less installation space in a touring vehicle or boat. Extensive electrical systems can thus be planned in a smaller space and the space gained can be used for other purposes.

  • Connection of up to 4 battery banks
  • 11 high-current and 4 standard consumers
  • Plus rail for on-board batteries and consumers
  • Screw terminals and fuses 2x MEGA / AMG fuse max. 400 A
  • 9x MIDI / AMI fuse max. 170 A
  • 4x ATO / ATC / ATP fuse max. 30 A

1:1 ground distribution
Put an end to insufficient ground distributions! With the TEXU400, a negative connection is also provided for each positive connection.

Simple integration of a summation current measurement
The factory-fitted Sunt bridge between the negative busbars can be easily removed by means of screws and replaced by a plastic bar included in the scope of delivery to enable quick and uncomplicated integration of a measuring shunt.

MEGA fuse with double input
Where cable lugs used to be stacked or other suboptimal constructions had to be devised on a case-by-case basis (e.g. in the case of split cables of powerful inverters), there is now a professional solution: a MEGA fuse point with max. 400 A and double screw connection, ensures professional and safe installation of such components.

Ignition-protected according to ISO 8846
The UFO is ignition-protected according to ISO 8846 with the integrated, all-round bar with seal. It is therefore also approved for installation in the engine compartment.

  • LED failure check with fibre optics
  • Immediate diagnosis. Fibre-optic cables light up the LED failure check directly at the inscription of the circuits in the closed cover. You can save yourself the trouble of removing fuses and searching upside down for faults in confined spaces! A prefabricated labelling set with partly customisable content is included in the scope of delivery of the TEXU400.

Space for spare fuses
The TEXU400 contains additional slots for spare fuses (1x MEGA, 2x MIDI, 2x ATO/ATC/ATP)
Convenient opening and closing
The knob centrally located on the enclosure cover makes it easy to open and close the cover and even allows one-handed operation in confined spaces.

Please note: As individual electrical installations contain different components that must be suitably fused, a prefabricated fuse set is NOT included directly in the scope of delivery of the TEXU400.

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