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Access to the roof of a car is usually something for climbing professionals - especially from... more

Access to the roof of a car is usually something for climbing professionals - especially from the side. This applies to expedition-ready 4x4s with CargoBear-style system carriers that can be climbed by ladder, and especially to SUVs with ski racks or family vans with roof boxes. Often the vehicles are simply too high or the drivers too small or unathletic to get safe and easy side access to the roof load. They try to find a foothold on the seats by groping with their feet while holding on tightly with one hand to avoid tipping over backwards. Or you climb onto boxes or makeshift ladders and let the passenger support you, but who always has ladders or a passenger with them?

What fits into the car in any case is our convenient and safe climbing aid for hanging into the body-side locking brackets of the door locks. The ladder replacement is hooked into the catch eye of the latch with a simple, fold-out hook. The pressure of the rubberised rear edge of the step surface on the B- or C-pillar results in an absolutely safe climbing aid under load that does not wobble or slip. This way, you can reach every side of the car roof safely and quickly without much effort.

The locking brackets of the car doors have to withstand forces that are many times the weight of the human body so that the door does not open in the event of an accident or attempted break-in. The ladder itself is made of an extremely solid aluminium alloy and is designed to withstand 200 kg. This means that even large and heavy contemporaries need not worry. However, the first use should be carried out with caution and care in order to get the necessary safety when climbing. The step is covered with non-slip, grooved PVC and to ensure that the paintwork is not damaged, there is an additional rubber protector that can be attached to the edge of the step.

By the way, if there is no more room for the foldable door step in the glove compartment or the centre shelf, you can leave the emergency hammer at home, because it has a steel tip at the front and thus also functions as a rescue tool for breaking windows.

ATTENTION: not suitable for Land Rover Defender up to MY2016

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