Retaining strap for headlamp, replacement strap, various colours, prepper, blackout

Replacement strap for headlamps, different colors

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️ Replacement strap for ARMYTEK headlamps ✔️ choice of 4 colors✔️ elastic ✔️ convenient to adjust ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Armytek makes headlamps and flashlights for extreme situations. Whether it’s outdoor activities,... more

Armytek makes headlamps and flashlights for extreme situations. Whether it’s outdoor activities, emergencies or tactical use, you can always rely on the fact that their performance greatly exceeds their size. While the lamps themselves are very inconspicuous, the head bands are quite in-your-face with big yellow logos and branding. Since many users would prefer more subtle design to go with their activities, our textile studio has come up with dual-strap headbands in muted colors and without flashy branding.

As far as the performance of the headgear goes, we made sure that there is less bling and more bang for your buck. Very often, standard straps are too weak for the weight of the lamps, they aren’t firm enough when a lot of quick movement is involved, they can’t be extended enough to accommodate hats or helmets or they simply go limp after a few tours in the wilderness. Our dual-strap headbands are strong and reliably flexible, always guaranteeing firm but comfortable fit, especially when they see a lot of action during camping, sports or other activities. Simply click the Armytek clip holder from the original accessories kit onto our headband. Both forehead and top strap can be adjusted with sturdy plastic buckles for a perfect fit.

The replacement straps in the tactical colors black, gray, coyote and green are a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to be a walking ad.

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