Additional interior light for Land Rover NEW DEFENDER from BJ 2020

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️↪️ Additional rear interior light ✔️ New Defender MY 2020 ✔️ with touch switch ✔️ easy installation ✔️ best quality
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Additional Interior Light for Land Rover NEW DEFENDER  The new Defender is being marketed... more

Additional Interior Light for Land Rover NEW DEFENDER 

The new Defender is being marketed as a true workhorse, but – as always – there’s room for improvement when it comes to the practicalities of working with your L663 on a day-to-day basis. One such aspect is definitely the lighting for the load space in the back. The standard set-up is somewhat sparse but most of all it lacks proper roof lights. This is especially problematic since the cargo area is often filled up or modified by installed racks, boxes and the like.

Our LED light bar solves this problem with more than sufficient 396 Lumens light intensity. The lightbar is easily installed on the trim above the cargo door and illuminates the entire load space – helping you to quickly find tools and equipment and ensuring safe working conditions day or night.

Mounting the roughly 36 cm long and 2 cm wide LED lightbar is really easy. Simply click the two fastening clips into the edge of the upper door trim. The clips’ custom-shape will hold the lightbar firmly in position. Connecting the device to the Defender’s wiring is just as quick by simply pushing the LED bar’s wire behind the trim and pulling it along the D-pillar towards the standard lamp housing by the fuse box. In most cases, you won’t even have to remove the trim panels. Lastly, the LED bar’s connector is simply plugged into the standard lamp’s socket. The bar is activated and deactivated as required by its own touch button.

Dimensions: 362mm x 25 mm x 11mm 

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