Parking heater AUTOTERM (Planar) 2D12 complete set for VW T5

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↪️ comprehensive set of the AUTOTERM parking heater for installation in the VW T5 ✔️ the low-priced Webasto alternative ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • VW2D12-T5KK-PU5
  • 10 kg

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Parking heater set for the VW T5 consists of all important components required for the... more

Parking heater set for the VW T5

consists of all important components required for the installation of a parking heater. First and foremost, the set contains the AUTOTERM (=Planar) 2D12 parking heater, which is celebrated as an affordable and powerful alternative to Webasto and Eberspächer parking heaters.

In addition to the heater holder with installation box, which can already be ordered individually and which was specially designed for the installation of the Planar parking heater in the VW T5, with this set we put together a comprehensive package for you with a matching hose clamp, fuel line, air duct, a warm air outlet and much more. As some components for the B-pillar vary depending on the vehicle model, please select the matching set for your VW T5 estate / panel van OR Multivan / Shuttle / California.

Please note: This set is not suitable for vehicles with a partition wall!

Scope of delivery:

AUTOTERM 2D parking heater 12 volt incl. silencer, intake air hose, heat protection hose, tank intake pipe and exhaust corrugated pipe
Optionally analogue control unit PU-5 with rotary control or digital control unit Comfort Control with timer switch
5 metre connection cable for control panel
Special heater bracket for VW T5, optionally with additional installation box
Air outlet for heating air 60 mm
1 metre warm air pipe (diameter: 60 mm)
60 mm to 90 mm adapter
Warm air outlet for rear B-pillar
Air duct for B-pillar incl. frame
Warm air outlet for B-pillar front
Air duct
Fixing material (screws, nuts, hose clamp, cable ties)
Technical data of the parking heater:

Fuel type: diesel
Heating capacity: max. 1.8 kW, min. 0.8 kW
Volume of heated air: max. 75 m³/h, min. 34 m³/h
Fuel consumption in operation: max. 0.24 l/h, min. 0.1 l/h
Power consumption in operation: max. 29 W, min. 10 W
Weight: 3 kg (independent heater)
Manual start/stop

The AUTOTERM (=Planar) 2D12 is equipped with a height kit.

This means that the heater automatically reduces the injection quantity according to the ambient air pressure. This reduces or prevents sooting of the combustion chamber when the air oxygen content drops. The maximum heat output decreases proportionally to the amount of oxygen in the air. Roughly speaking, from 2,000 metres the loss of output per 500 m altitude is approx. 5%. Manufacturer tests up to 3,440 m were trouble-free. Up to 4,000 m no difficulties are to be expected. Up to 5,000 m the software calculates itself - but this could not yet be tested at real altitude.

Especially when used at high altitude, the free travel of the fan is extremely important!
Route the combustion air intake and exhaust extremely short and with low resistance - i.e. no kinks, no blockage or reduction. It should also be noted that operation beyond 3,000 m is still a technical compromise. Again, care should be taken to ensure that the combustion chamber is properly heated on a regular basis. The chamber must be burnt free of soot deposits. Soot deposits can also form on heaters that are permanently run at the lowest setting. Therefore, the following still applies: No guarantee for sooty combustion chambers!

In order to ensure the longevity of the heater, you should also free-burn it occasionally at low levels. The combustion chamber reaches full temperature after running at full load for about half an hour. Normally, no further maintenance is required. In case of extreme loads, e.g. during longer overnight stays at more than 4,000 m, the combustion chamber including the seal set should be cleaned if necessary.

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