Front part for Nakatanenga Evolution 2 Awning, stone grey

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↪️ Extension for an ideal sun, sight and wind protection of the Evolution 2 awning ✔️ for the front ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • AWNEVO2-FT-140-TAU
  • 1,8 kg

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Front parts for our awnings series Evolution 2 ... are also suitable for the awnings of other... more

Front parts for our awnings series Evolution 2

... are also suitable for the awnings of other manufacturers - the aluminum front profile must only be equipped with a free keder profile for this purpose or one must be retrofitted.

Front parts fulfill - especially in combination with our awning side parts - various functions:

They are an excellent windbreak - this is where the relatively heavy fabric (280g/m² PU-coated RipStop polycotton - our stone-grey sun sail and awning fabric) comes into play, which is characterized, among other things, by the significantly reduced fluttering noise.
They are the ideal rain protection - for this purpose, our sun sail and awning fabric is metal-coated on one side (inside) and water- and dirt-repellent due to the impregnation of the other side (outside).
They can be tensioned or also displayed by means of optionally available telescopic poles and thus increase the shaded area immensely.
Because of the small and in itself not worth mentioning packing size, our awning front parts as well as our awning side parts belong to these small things with the enormous benefit. If the awning protects from the evening and night chill from above, these awning extensions again significantly increase the comfort. The inside metal coating - primarily the wetness barrier layer - naturally contributes its part to this, reflecting not only the light of a lamp that is probably present, but also to a certain extent emitted thermal radiation (this effect is minor, but quite noticeable).

65% polyester / 35% cotton

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