Annex for Roof Lodge Evolution 2, Basic, nylon, stone grey

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↪️ annex for for Roof Lodge Evolution 2 ✔️ Basic in 140cm and 165cm ✔️ color nomad ✔️ high quality ✔️ fast shipping
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The Roof Lodge Evolution annex ... which can also be used on many roof tents from other... more

The Roof Lodge Evolution annex

... which can also be used on many roof tents from other manufacturers.

The widespread designation is in itself somewhat misleading, but it has always been more of a hanging tent in which you can quickly and easily stow the camping equipment, such as table and chairs, the toys of the little ones and the Tragerl beer. This applies not only to cleaning up in the evening, but also in the event of a downpour. In addition, just because these things are no longer immediately visible, they are already a little safer from theft.
Gladly we call this annex also simply . With this designation one gets also immediately an idea of the actual size of the hanging tents. This is always 120cm in depth and depending on the tent width 140cm or 165cm. Thus, they are significantly larger than most showers, but still smaller than what probably some imagine. However, if the roof tent is mounted high enough, you get a space that can also be used comfortably for changing clothes.

For the stay in bad weather, these awnings were and are rather less suitable. This results in a requirement profile for them that is completely different from that of the floor tents of the Extended tents. Since the tent character is clearly in the background for the awnings, we have given them some thought and completely redesigned them according to their use.

They are now made from the same material we already use for our LIGHTWEIGHT - T109 ripstop nylon with Oxford weave. This material is surprisingly strong for its amazingly low weight of just 102 g/m² and is therefore ideal for use in an awning. Since awnings, like ground tents, usually have to be transported in a vehicle, the pack size is not insignificant. Due to the fact that the otherwise usual voluminous and heavy PVC floor tarp has been replaced by a thin and light extension tarp, the packing size of the awning can almost be described as tiny.

Due to the nature of its use, elaborate window constructions are as pointless as spikes for ballerinas - no one uses them. Of course, windows do have a right to exist in hanging tents; after all, you can not only see outside through them, they also let light into the tent. But this is where T109 ripstop nylon comes into play again: this material has good light transmission, which finally settles the question of windows.

Usually, the entrance is behind the ladder, which literally gets in the way of quickly putting away the equipment. That is why we did without an entrance. Some people will say that Nakatanenga has overshot the mark. But we simply also questioned the construction of the usual entrances with the entrance fabric, mosquito net and zippers and found them unnecessary. With our annex, therefore, there is no ONE entrance, but of course there is a CLOSE entrance - even several. The awning is equipped with zippers on all 4 corners. By means of these, the side walls can be separated from each other and thus not only the access can be set as desired. You can also roll up one or all side walls. In the evening, for example, the table and chairs only need to be placed on the tarpaulin, the side walls unrolled and the zippers closed.

And the awning also offers a real added value: The side walls have two additional eyelets on the underside. At these, you can either tension the side walls diagonally or extend them by means of optionally available telescopic poles. This gives you a rain-protected or shaded area of just under 5.5 by 1.2 meters.
The annex are suitable for all roof tents of the appropriate size that use the edge profiles shown on the Roof Lodge Evolution or LIGHTWEIGHT info pages. If you are not quite sure, then we will be happy to assist you.

Simultaneous use of annex and shoe bag is not possible.

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