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Roof Lodge Evolution 2 - Dachzelt

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↪️ your journey, your adventure, your life - your roof tent! ✔️ comfortable mattress and 3D mesh ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • RLEVO2-165B-BLU-S
  • 73 kg Sperrgut
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  You're woken up by the rays of the morning sun shining through the rain-proof roof-top... more


You're woken up by the rays of the morning sun shining through the rain-proof roof-top window. You've slept well thanks to the comfortable mattress and the 3D mesh underneath. You're having a look around - there is plenty of space, no mosquitos or other insect that are flying around. You open the entrance and get your shoes out of the separate storage net to begin your descent. 


That's your adventure. That's exactly where you want to be! For how long? That's up to you. Your vehicle gets you everywhere and the Nakatanenga Roof Lodge Evolution roof tent gives you all the freedom to stay or to travel onwards!


Roof Lodge Evolution 140 Basic




  • tent outer fabric: 320g/sqm Polycotton, PU coated; the darker fabric allows for long sleep through the morning hours
  • awning: 280g/sqm Polycotton, PU coated; the relatively heavy weight minimizes fluttering noise
  • 2 roof windows with rain and mosquito protection
  • ground tent: 280g/sqm Polycotton, stone-grey
    - adjustable for tent mounting heights from about 170cm to 210cm
    - base area: 140cm x 120cm
    floor pan PVC fabric
    - durable cover made of PVC fabric (similar to lorry canvas covers)
    - 4 side skirts; window and entrance with close-mesh fly sheeting
    - the lighter fabric allows outside light to enter the awning
  • thermoplast honeycomb floor; made in Germany
  • once-piece matress (60mm thickness); available in two degrees of hardness, manufacturer: Saar-Schaum, Germany
  • separate 3D base mesh (10mm thickness) for relaxing sleep; the mat prevents condensation
  • close mesh mosquito fly sheeting on all windows and entry




Additionally supplied with:


  • aluminium ladder for a tent mounting height up to 2 metres, adjustable to vehicle height (optional extension available)
  • hard-wearing protective cover made of PVC fabric (similar to lorry canvas covers)
  • 2x LED interior light
  • 2 Nakatanenga travel cushions
  • 8 flexible steel poles
  • fitting material and necessary tools
    The supplied fitting material allows fitting to standard roof bars with a width of up to 45mm. Should you plan to fit differently please contact us in advance - we can help you with alternative fitting scenarios.
  • pre-drilled mounting rails, to be cut to length according to your requirements (instructions in the supplied fitting instructions)




Size and Weight


  • sleeping size: 140cm x 240cm ; height approx. 120cm
  • pack size: 147x124x40cm
    The height of the folded tent is about 45 cm, being the sum of the mounting rails, height of the folded tend and the height of the ladder that rests on top of the folded tent. The ladder can be detached from the tent (e.g. when overall height is important like on ferries, etc.
  • weight of tent: 45kg (incl. protective cover, ladder, mounting rails)
  • can be fitted to vehicles (also passenger cars) with a mounting height up to 2,10m


Information on the subject of roof loads can be found in the manuel / data sheet tab.

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