Subdivision system for aluminium box

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  • RUUMX-A042
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Subdivision system / protective foam for aluminium box  Nothing beats aluminum boxes,... more

Subdivision system / protective foam for aluminium box 

Nothing beats aluminum boxes, especially the ones by Danish outfitter, when it comes to transporting or storing gear and equipment. They are light, sturdy and resistant to corrosion, chemicals and many other environmental influences. How can you improve an aluminum box? By adding an interior structure for more organization and safety. That’s why have come up with their RuumX solution, a customizable system of padded layers walls, dividers and protective “egg crate” foam.

 Whether it’s dishes, tools or electronic equipment, the protective divider system makes transport and storage in aluminum boxes significantly safer and more organized. RuumX also allows for very specific customization. The set consists of two self-adhesive foam-pads for the bottom and the inside of the lid, two perfectly fitting side wall elements with rounded corners as well as five dividers, which can be cut to the desired lengths. All walls and dividers are made from corrugated plastic panels with foam layers on both sides. These sandwich panels are lightweight yet extremely robust. The cells or slots in the panels are also used to firmly attach different elements to each other, using the steel pins included in the delivery.

RuumX kits come in two varieties, differing only in the height of walls and dividers. The lower version has a height of 14.5 cm and

fits the Aluboxes A042 and S060, the higher one can be used for both S060 and A073 and has a height of 19.5 cm.

Please note
Egg crate foam for the inside of the lid can be ordered separately to protect sensitive equipment even better.

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