Retrofit seat heater Deluxe 12V

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↪️️ 3-stage seat heater ✔️ with 2 carbon heating mats, push-button, wiring harness and the control ✔️ Size: 645 x 250 mm ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Retrofit Seat Heating Deluxe 12V The high-quality carbon seat heating system was developed for... more

Retrofit Seat Heating Deluxe 12V

The high-quality carbon seat heating system was developed for retrofitting in individual seats.

You can switch off the heat supply of the carbon surface heating elements via a switch (0% power) or set it to one of 3 different heating modes:
Mode 1: 25% power
Mode 2: 50% power
Mode 3: 75% power

Within a few minutes, this three-stage system provides pleasant warmth. When you set a level, the heater heats up to 100% power in just two minutes and then adjusts down to the desired mode (25%, 50% or 75%). This allows the carbon surface heating elements to reach the desired heat output much faster. The push-button or switch indicates the current level via three LEDs integrated in the push-button. The push-button can easily be stuck horizontally or vertically anywhere.

Three adjustable levels and the remarkably rapid temperature regulation make this seat heater unique.

Differences between the carbon surface heating elements and the heating elements of the stranded wire technology:
The carbon surface heating elements have considerable advantages over the previously widespread heating elements in stranded wire technology. For example, only carbon heating elements can be adapted and trimmed during installation. With conventional stranded wire technology, a heating wire runs in waves inside the heating element. If this is damaged at any point, e.g. by mechanical stress or overheating, the entire heating element fails. The new carbon surface heating elements use parallel technology. Many carbon heating fibres run independently of each other within the heating element, guaranteeing its reliability. The heat distribution of the carbon heating elements is much more homogeneous and therefore more comfortable.

Scope of delivery:
2 carbon heating mats (one for the seat and one for the back).
1 cable harness
1 push-button
incl. necessary installation material and installation instructions

Technical data:
Size of the heating mats: 645 x 250 mm (can be trimmed according to installation instructions)
Operating voltage: 9.6 V - 15 V
Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +80 °C
Power: up to 90W@13.8V
Certification: ECE, EMV

In our shop there is an alternative, less expensive seat heater, which is adjustable in 2 stages.

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