Fuel pick-up unit - outside diameter of 42 mm

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Fuel pick-up unit When retrofitting a Diesel heater in your car, the most difficult part is... more

Fuel pick-up unit

When retrofitting a Diesel heater in your car, the most difficult part is connecting the fuel pick-up line to the car’s Diesel tank. Our fuel pick-up unit simplifies this step greatly, as there is no need to de-install the tank or drill holes in it.

The fuel pick-up unit is inserted in the fuel filler hose between filler neck and the tank, a modification suitable for most Diesel vehicles with a hose diameter of 42 mm, as is the case with the Ford Transit Custom for example. We also have a version for classic Defenders (up to MY 2016) with 59 mm available.

By bending the flexible fuel pick-up line, you can set a specific level to which the heater can empty the tank, whether completely or up to a certain reserve level.

The fuel pick-up unit will work with a wide variety of Diesel heaters, like the Webasto Airtop 2000 or Eberspächer Airtronic D2. It is ideal in combination with our Autoterm (Planar) heaters.

Outside diameter: 42 mm
Material strength: 2 mm

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