TREKFINDER cover profile for airline rails, smooth surface

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↪️️ for lashing rails ✔️ 30 mm wide ✔️ flexible, black rubber ✔️ smooth surface ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Trekfinder cover profile for airline rails Available in: 1 m or in 10 cm increments (free... more

Trekfinder cover profile for airline rails

Available in: 1 m or in 10 cm increments (free choice of length) - max. 25m in one piece.

Please note:
As there are so many different applications and we do not know your requirements, we need you to provide us with the info on which length and which denomination of profiles you need.
Please enter your cutting requirements in the free field at the end of the order process.

Individual cuts are excluded from exchange.

Airline rails would have to be invented if they didn't already exist. Few lashing systems are as flexible, stable and secure at the same time. Anyone who has ever had to lash large, uneven and sometimes delicate objects in the hold or on the roof knows what we are talking about.

So how do you make airline rails even better? With rubber profiles from Trekfinder, which are clicked into the rails. It's easy, quick and holds firmly and securely. With their 3.5 mm height, the rubber profiles are hardly noticeable and first and foremost prevent dirt and dust from penetrating into unused rails or rail sections. This is particularly important on loading areas or trailers, because dirty rails make it much more difficult to attach fittings and lashing points. Of course, the same applies to snow and ice in winter and who always wants to scrape the airline rails free? On top of that, the covers ensure better load securing when the load is placed directly on them. In the case of roof racks, they also reduce wind noise, and when the rails are attached to the side, nothing gets caught by vegetation off-road. A lot of performance for little money.

The cover profiles are available in 30 mm width.

Note: DOES NOT FIT THE V-Class/Vito/Viano

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