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Tow ball 3,5t lowered, incl. 2- to 4-hole-adapter

€249.00 *

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↪️ swan neck-tow ball 3,5 t ✔️ incl. adapter from 2- to 4-hole mounting ✔️ different tow balls / lowerings available ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • AHKSHT-210
  • 4 kg

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Swan neck tow ball 3,5 t incl. adapter plate with adaptation from 2- to 4-hole mounting;... more

Swan neck tow ball 3,5 t incl. adapter plate with adaptation from 2- to 4-hole mounting; especially compatible with simultaneous use of a hook type coupling

Tow ball and Adapter plate both with E-mark! Mounting material is included (adapterplate with screw kit).

The adapter is included. You can choose between two different tow balls:
1. Swan neck tow ball for a lowering from 84 mm to 140 mm
2. Swan neck tow ball extra low, for a lowering from 154 mm bis 210 mm

What makes the 1x 2-hole to 1x 4-hole adapter so special?
Even if there's not much place between plate and traverse, you can mount the adapterplate to a hitch block - because you mount the plate on the front side of the hitch block.

Please choose between the different tow balls and therefore different lowerings.

Technical specifications:
D value: 17.5 kN
S-value: 150 kg nose weight

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