Front extension with arched shape for Evolution awning, light grey

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↪️️ Extension for Evolution Awning ✔️ in arch shape ✔️ Colour Light grey ✔️ available in: 270cm ✔️fast shipping
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Roof Lodge Evolution Front Extension Arc Shape for Car Awning (Bag Awning). The extension is... more

Roof Lodge Evolution Front Extension Arc Shape for Car Awning (Bag Awning).

The extension is made from the same high quality material as the Roof Lodge Evolution canopy / awning and provides ideal sun, privacy and wind protection. The extension is simply pulled into the existing keder rail of the awning. The extension has a keder diameter of 6.5 mm and is therefore also suitable for many other awnings. The corners of the extension can be fixed to the ground with the pegs and ropes included in the delivery. The extended length of the extensions is always 200 cm, regardless of the width.

Compared to standard awning extensions, this extension has a small curve at the outer end, so that the extension has ideal tension when stretched. This means that it flutters less and withstands stronger winds better. It can be tensioned at an angle or vertically!

With an extension that reaches all the way to the ground, you usually feel quite isolated from the surroundings. No wonder, because a completely pulled-down side almost looks like an incomplete awning, but without offering the advantages of an awning.

  • The awning front extensions are available in the following widths: 140, 200, 250 and 270 cm.
  • The length is always 200 cm for all of them

280 gsm RipStop polycotton (65% polyester / 35% cotton), PU-coated; water and dirt repellent; significantly less fluttering noise due to the comparatively heavy quality.

The extension cannot be attached at the same time as the awning awning, as both are attached to the same keder rail.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 piece awning extension in the shape of an arch
  • 2 pieces of cords
  • 2 pegs

The awning is not included in the scope of delivery! The additional telescopic poles, which can be seen in some pictures, are not included in the scope of delivery of the extension, but are optionally available.

Important note: As a subsequent delivery of the materials for this product requires a lot of time, please request the desired item by e-mail if you are interested.



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