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Repair Kit für roof tent skin

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↪️ repair kit for PVC protective hoods ✔️ glue ✔️ tarpaulin ✔️ brush ✔️ incl. screws ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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The protective hoods of roof tents usually have to take a lot during the season. The exposed... more

The protective hoods of roof tents usually have to take a lot during the season. The exposed position of the tents makes this almost inevitable. If the hood is damaged, foxing threatens the tent very quickly.

For some, then Gaffa tape is the tried and tested medium of choice. Often enough for the rest of the journey. The consequences of a minimal leaking hood are not immediately visible or smelling!

To prevent a nasty surprise in the spring, there is now our repair kit for PVC protective hoods. Material and tools are especially designed for larger repairs.

A suitable repair kit for tents and Awnings can be found here.


  • 2x brushes
  • 1x 50 ml glue
  • 1x PVC material 48x48cm


  1. Cut the patches and round off the corners.
  2. Clean the areas to be bonded (warm soapy water or degreasing detergent)
  3. After drying for 10-15 minutes, the glue can be applied to both sides with a brush. (Attention: do not apply too much and above all apply evenly)
  4. Let the adhesive surfaces dry again for 10-15 minutes so that the solvents can escape.
  5. Touch the glue - if it is dry, you can continue.
  6. Place the patches precisely and press firmly. Experts use a roller here. Similar tools like a bottle or rolling pin works too. Important here is the exact positioning, since a later adjustment of the patches is no longer possible. Also, the force that is applied to push the tarpaulin later decides the strength of the adhesive surface.
  7. Dry overnight and let air dry for long-term maintenance.
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