Complete winter wheel set KUMHO Portran CW51 235/85R16 on Wolf steel rim

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↪️️ Winter tyres KUMHO Portran CW51 235/85R16 ✔️ on Wolf steel rim 6.5x16 ✔️ for Defender ✔️ different colours ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 51CW23585WO-PB
  • 160 kg Sperrgut

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Winter tyres KUMHO Portran 235/85R16 on LR Wolf rim 6.5 x 16 Winter tyres KUMHO Portran... more

Winter tyres KUMHO Portran 235/85R16 on LR Wolf rim 6.5 x 16

Winter tyres KUMHO Portran 235/85R16 on LR Wolf rim 6.5 x 16, offset 20,6 (corresponds to part number ANR4583 PM), for Land Rover Defender, 4 complete wheels, available in various colours.

Please note: We have a large stock of winter tyres for this season. Nevertheless, due to the high demand, delivery bottlenecks can unfortunately occur. So for this offer: Take advantage of it! Delivery while stocks last!

The following efficiency classes apply to this tyre:
Rolling resistance: E
Wet grip: E
Noise class: 73 dB
Load index: 120

Looking for safety and good driving experience on snowy roads? Kumho Portran CW51 winter tyre is a superlative tyre specially designed for winter weather conditions. It comes with silica tread compound to offer superior traction and improved handling on snow and ice covered roads.

With this special rubber compound, the tyre excels in low temperatures with ideal flexibility and resistance to abrasion and damage. The tyre has a symmetrical tread design. The sipes along the tyre and the reinforced tread blocks make the Portran CW51 a very robust and stable tyre that can handle heavy obstacles. Three wide longitudinal grooves effectively channel snow and water under the tyre and guarantee a dry tread as well as protection against aquaplaning!

The rims used are LR WOLF rims (black) 6.5 x 16, offset 20.6, which correspond to part number ANR4583 PMGEN. These are the ORIGINAL rims from Land Rover (no imitation!). These black rims can also be ordered powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice.

Note: We always recommend the powder-coated rims, as the rims with a primer coat alone are still susceptible to corrosion due to the open pores. Therefore, there is no right of return in case of corrosion of the primed rims.

Please note: Wheel nuts for aluminium rims cannot be used on steel rims - here you may need our wheel nut set for steel rims, as an optional addition the set with covers for the wheel nuts.

Balancing wheels for the Land Rover Defender on conventional, centre-centred balancing machines often leads to errors in the form of out-of-round running. For this reason, we use a so-called pin centring system, where the wheel can be balanced by means of a special adapter plate as if it were mounted on a vehicle - this ensures optimum running characteristics for comfortable and safe driving!

The price refers to 4 complete wheels incl. mounting and balancing. This item is bulky goods.
If you need 5 complete wheels please contact us by email or phone. 

Please select the desired colour of the rims.

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