Vision-X Xmitter Prime Xtreme LED Worklight

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↪️️ robust aluminium housing and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens ✔️ 10° & 40° illumination ✔️ waterproof according to IP68 standard ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • NAXIL-PX-1210
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Vision-X Xmitter Prime Xtreme LED Worklight The American manufacturer Vision-X has launched... more

Vision-X Xmitter Prime Xtreme LED Worklight

The American manufacturer Vision-X has launched new LED work lights with 5 W LED modules. Due to the more compact design of the modules, a significantly higher assembly density and thus an increased luminous range can be achieved with the same size of the lamp housing. In a proven design with a robust aluminium housing and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, the lights of the Xmitter Prime XP series are ideally suited for the tough demands of rally and touring vehicles, but also for the demands of professional applications such as forestry and emergency vehicles.

All headlamps are available in 10° and 40° illumination, mixed configurations are possible on request at no extra charge (please simply contact us by e-mail), as are white housings for marine applications. Water resistance to IP68 standard, improved thermal design, a voltage range of 10-42 V and dimmability via pulse width modulation (with optional dimmer) round off the product features.

Article number     Number of LEDs     Lumen       Illumination         Dimensions          Power consumption

NAXIL-PX-6xx           6                             2,958 lm      10°/40°              119x95x84 mm         2.5 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-12xx        12                            5,916 lm      10°/40°               201x95x84 mm        5.0 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-18xx        18                            8,874 lm      10°/40°               282x95x84 mm        7.5 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-30xx        30                           14,790 lm     10°/40°               445x95x84 mm       12.5 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-36xx        36                           17,748 lm     10°/40°               524x95x84 mm       15.0 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-54xx        54                           26,622 lm     10°/40°               768x95x84 mm       22.5 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-72xx        72                           35,496 lm     10°/40°              1011x95x84 mm       30.0 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-78xx        78                           38,454 lm     10°/40°             1093x95x84 mm        32.5 A / 12 V
NAXIL-PX-90xx        90                           44,370 lm     10°/40°             1254x95x84 mm        37.5 A / 12 V

The headlamps under item number "NAXIL-PX-1210" have an E-approval mark.

End cap mountings and mountings for tubes (roll cage, bull bar etc.) are optionally available.

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