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Universal bucket suitable for 5L

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Our popular DABUCKET multi-purpose synthetic fabric bins for off-road, camping and outdoor... more

Our popular DABUCKET multi-purpose synthetic fabric bins for off-road, camping and outdoor activities have a new family member. The 5 L DABUCKET TRASH is specifically designed as a garbage container for your car.

The idea behind our DABUCKETS is quite simple. The flexible bins are made from 100% Nylon / Polyamide with PU coating which creates a tough and watertight second layer to hold standard size bin liners or garbage bags. The small DABUCKET TRASH takes any standard household 5 L bag, making it the perfect container for all the trash and junk that keeps piling up in your car.

The DABUCKET TRASH’s sewn-in Velcro patch will stick to any fleece or regular car carpet, holding the bin firmly in place. You can also fix it to a Keder rail using the attached fastener piece. The small DABUCKET has a 13 cm drawstring sleeve on top. Once pulled shut with the draw cord nothing can fall out and odors are kept inside. You can carry or hang the DABUCKET TRASH by a small loop on the upper rim.

This is especially handy because the great outdoors are full of four-legged creatures who will seek out your 4x4 if there is a whiff of food around. Closer to civilization you might encounter fox, rat or racoon and if you’re camped in some of the wilder regions of the planet you might add bear to the list. In these situations, it is advisable to hang anything that smells strongly of food in a tree away from the camp. The DABUCKET Trash comes fully equipped for that purpose.

100 % Nylon /Polyamide with PU-coating guarantees robustness, easy cleaning and no exposure to harmful plastic softeners. Excessive dirt can be removed by machine washing the bin at 30 degree centigrade.

Dimensions 5 L:
Height 20 cm (without drawstring sleeve)
Diameter: 17 cm

Available in these colors:

multi terrain pattern - orange
swedish camouflage pattern m90

This article was designed, produced and tested by our inhouse textile shop. A dedicated team and quick decision making facilitate continuous quality control and improvement of our textile products. And since we have our own textile shop on the premises, it is no problem to discuss custom designs, changes and improvements with you on short notice. If it’s possible, we will do it. Just call or send in an e-mail.

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