Grill plate, Muurinpohjapannu, 44cm

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Muurinpohjapannu at Nakatanenga? Something unspeakable in the company with the funny name ...... more

Muurinpohjapannu at Nakatanenga?

Something unspeakable in the company with the funny name ...

But actually it is quite simple (as long as you do not have to pronounce it): Muurinpohjapannu is Finnish and means nothing more than - now it comes - frying pan. In fact, "this part" can be used like a frying pan; Almost everything that can be prepared in an ordinary pan can also be sizzle on this part. Well, it does not have a handle. This should make it a little difficult if you should try his pancake in the usual way. That may also be the reason that we are talking about a pancake and not a Muurinpohjapannukuchen - what I'm glad! Maybe you should, if you want to use this part properly, but rather every thought, any association to a pan and start again from the beginning. Grill plate or fire plate - that could work better.

The thing just on the three screw-on legs (something that stands on three legs, that can never wobble!). Put directly into the campfire - or just next to it, depending on what you want to prepare. Completely easily different temperature zones are created, in which the most different food can be prepared. An example? Tortillas. Fry the meat in the hot region, move to a less hot region of the plate to roast, and fry the vegetables it tolerates. Then either heat the tortilla wrap on the vegetables or grill on the plate. The rest is history ...

Dimensions feet: total length 20 cm (screw thread 1.5 cm)

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