Helix S 42C, component system, 100 mm bass-midrange driver

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HELIX S 42C With the new S speaker series, every journey becomes a special sound experience -... more

With the new S speaker series, every journey becomes a special sound experience - sound quality meets elegance.
The well thought-out design and the use of the latest technologies ensure excellent sound properties with powerful bass, precise mids and crystal clear highs.
These component systems are not only a highlight in terms of sound. The developers also focused on a new, timelessly elegant look and easy integration into the vehicle. Shallow installation depths, a detachable aluminum housing for the tweeter and the innovative, two-part “Flex Crossover” crossover network offer significantly more scope for installation. Especially when e.g. The high and mid-range speakers are installed separately in the door and A-pillar.
A special sound experience!


  • 25 mm tweeter in an elegant aluminum housing with a coated silk dome for balanced, natural reproduction and minimal compression effects
  • 100 mm bass-midrange driver with a new type of basalt fiber paper compound membrane - an ideal combination of low weight, high rigidity and internal damping
  • Basket in individual HELIX design with additional ventilation openings for optimized cooling of the voice coil for high load capacity
  • Separate, two-part "Flex-Crossover" crossover with 12/12 dB slope, trap circuit and 3-stage switchable tweeter level adjustment - perfect for installation in vehicles with separate installation locations for the tweeter and bass-midrange speakers
  • Exclusive use of very high quality components in the crossover such as Distortion-free air-core coils and low-loss Audiotec film capacitors in the high-frequency branch

Technical specifications:
Power RMS / max. 70/140 watts
Frequency range 75 Hz - 25,000 Hz
Impedance 4 Ω
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m 89 dB
Membrane material HT: coated silk dome; MT: -; TT: basalt fiber paper compound
Crossover network 12/12 dB with trap, tweeter protection and tweeter level adjustment
Outer diameter HT: 51 mm; MT: -; TT: 102 mm
Installation diameter HT: 45 mm; MT: -; TT: 92.3 mm
Installation depth HT: 14 mm; MT: -; TT: 46.5 mm
Dimensions crossover:
Tweeter: 88 x 68 x 28 mm
Woofer: 88 x 68 x 28 mm

Scope of delivery:
2 x HELIX S 1T tweeters including fastening material
2 x HELIX S 4B woofers
2 x two-part flex crossover crossover
1 x mounting material
1 x instruction manual
1 x installation template

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