Side panel for Nakatanenga Evolution2 Awning, stone grey

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↪️️ Side panel for Nakatanenga Evolution2 Awning ✔️ 1 pair ✔️ colour stone grey ✔️ incl. 4 pegs ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Side panel for Nakatanenga Evolution2 Awning Roof-mounted car awnings like our EVO II are... more

Side panel for Nakatanenga Evolution2 Awning

Roof-mounted car awnings like our EVO II are a great pieces of equipment if you want to turn your 4x4 or van into a quickly set up mobile camp. But proper protection from wind, weather, sun and unwanted attention comes only with the addition of side walls. Conditions vary from location to location and even throughout a single day: the sun is moving from east to west and the wind is changing directions, too. By the sea, it becomes a lot stronger in the evenings and carries dust, sand and the occasional shower. But aside from weather protection, the side tarps also create valuable privacy in crowded camp grounds and other popular locations.

Our side walls come in pairs and are the best solution for all these challenges. Simply stick the velcro fasteners to the roof awning’s frame and fasten the tarps to the ground using the four included tent pegs. All of that is simply a question of minutes and if the wind, the sun or a new location demand a change in position you can easily swap the sidewalls to accommodate the situation.

The two side wall tarps are made from high quality PU-coated RipStop polycotton, a blended fabric containing 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This highly functional material is extremely resistant to tearing, it is water and dirt repellent and due to its high specific weight of 280 g/ m2 the material will make less noise in the wind. The tarp’s inner side features a layer of aluminum to assist in regulating temperature and to diffuse and amplify low intensity light sources like candles, camping lanterns etc.

Stone gray.

Width 2 m, height 1.95 m

Scope of delivery:

2 x side wall tarp
4 x tent pegs

PU-coated RipStop polycotto

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