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Thule XB-16 Snow Chains - for 4x4, SUV and off-road vehicles, size 265

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Tested in the Italian Alps, these snow chains are surefooted and safe, as well as remarkably... more

Tested in the Italian Alps, these snow chains are surefooted and safe, as well as remarkably easy to install and remove.

Thule XB-16 - Specifically Designed for Heavy Duty Applications
If you frequently travel off-road or drive a large vehicle, Thule has created a snow chain just for you. The XB-16 features 16mm D-link chain, the largest and most rugged that Thule offers. This large-diameter chain bites deeply into snow and ice, giving your off-road vehicle unsurpassed traction control and safety. The color-coded assembly points and quick-adjust tension control band allow for hassle-free fitting. Removal is just as fast. Simply lifting the tension control hook out of the chain link frees it from your wheel, allowing quick and easy removal.

Superior Engineering and Design
Thule snow chains are hand-made in Italy and are constructed of durable, hardened manganese nickel alloy steel. They feature dual-sided D-shaped links that provide exceptional traction and extend the life of the product. These snow chains utilize a patented self-centering and auto-tensioning system which adjusts itself for a perfect fit. Once the chains are wrapped around the tire, the installation process is completed when the vehicle is set in motion. As the wheels turn, the self-centering and auto-tensioning system activates and the chain tightens around the tire. This eliminates the need to exit your vehicle and brave the elements to re-adjust snow chains. For easier installation in the dark or during the day, all attachment points on the chains are color coded.

Product features:

  • 16mm chain link diameter
  • manual tensioning system
  • ABS/ESP compatibe
  • manual tensioning system: one stop to fit and one stop to tension chain
  • closed shortening hooks avoid coils on the chain.
  • suitable for the following wheel/tyre combinations: 
    31/11.50 - 15, 235/85 - 16, 265/70 - 16, 265/65 - 17, 275/60 - 17, 255/60 - 18, 265/60 - 18, 255/55 - 19, 265/50 - 19,
    285/45 - 19, 255/50 - 20, 265/45 - 20, 275/45 - 20, 295/40 - 20, 315/35 - 20, 265/40 - 21, 265/45 - 21, 295/35 - 21
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