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Nakatanenga Molle bags

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↪️ different sizes and shapes ✔️ 100% nylon ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Are you looking for a pack that allows you to organize your stuff? With these Molle bags you are... more

Are you looking for a pack that allows you to organize your stuff? With these Molle bags you are ready for any event, you can attach the Molle bags to various straps, organizers, panels or backpacks with Molle system - examples are our Mole carrier for car seats and our Tailgate Organizer for Defender, Mercedes G, Jeep Wrangler , Suzuki Jimny or our universal Tailgate Organizer. The innovative MOLLE system (short for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) allows easy attachment of the bags and ensures their firm hold.

Material: 100% nylon

And by the way: At Nakatanenga, we only use materials with 100% nylon PU coating for all textile articles. Nylon PU (polyurethanes) is, unlike PVC, free from harmful phthalate-based plasticizers. Low molecular weight phthalates were until recently the most common plasticizers for plastics of all kinds and are even used in food and cosmetics. However, they accumulate in the environment and are due to their molecular nature suspected of acting as the body's own hormones. This is toxicologically highly questionable and is considered the trigger for various diseases, including cancer. For Nakatanenga, it goes without saying that when it comes to coating textile products, it is only possible to use environmentally friendly and harmless alternatives such as nylon PU.

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