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Roof Lodge Lightweight roof tents 140 Basic

€1,680.00 *

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↪️ Roof Lodge Lightweight 140 basic ✔️ available with various mattresses ✔️ extremely light ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • RLLW-140-AUF
  • 57 kg Sperrgut
3-6 working days


Many fans of car camping and roof tents give a lot of weight to the question of roof loads. Take... more

Many fans of car camping and roof tents give a lot of weight to the question of roof loads. Take it lightly and you risk damage. Puns aside, let’s take a look at the figures, because there is an undeniable trend: your average dynamic roof loads are decreasing. G-Class at 200 kg and New Defender at up to 168 kg still sport solid values, but after that it’s quickly downhill. Even a new Land Cruiser J150 Prado registers in at only 80 kg and once we’re talking about normal cars you are looking at 60 kilos or less. The reason may well lie in the movement towards lighter construction, fleet electrification and towards ever increasing amounts of sensors and autonomous assistance systems. Even if you consider that static loads are significantly higher still, the fact remains that the critical range for standard roof tents is drawing closer.

At Nakatanenga, we want to adapt to this development early on and that’s why we’ve designed the Roof Lodge Lightweight, a tent coming in with an ultralight XX kg in total weight while making no compromises on Roof Lodge typical space, comfort and weather protection. How did we do it?

First of all, we are using 100% Oxford-Nylon with ripstop weave, an extremely durable yet simultaneously light material, weighing only 102 g/m2. Compared to the 320 g/m2 for the Evolution 2, that’s a reduction of a whopping 78 %. The tent skin and the rainfly are made from the same material, PU coated on the inside and waterproofed on the outside. That means that there is no compromise when it comes to wind and rain.

More weight saving in the Roof Lodge Lightweight is achieved by our choice of mattresses. As an alternative to the standard one-piece foam mattress (60 mm, ca. 5 kg) with the optional 3D-Mesh base layer, we are also offering a self-inflating Kampa mattress with a thickness of 10 cm and 5.5 kg in weight. We have chosen the 10 cm air mattress to give you comparable comfort and insulation as you would get from the combination of foam mattress and mesh base.

Last but not least, the aluminum ladder can be detached and transported inside the car. That reduces the roof load and also the overall height of your car. 10 cm less can make a significant difference with ferry tickets for instance.

If you want to have a perfect road trip adventure and experience the freedom of travel in times of Corona restrictions, go no further than our Roof Lodge Lightweight.  Especially if you don’t have a heavy 4x4 but a station wagon, SUV, compact or even hatchback, the Roof Lodge Lightweight is for you.

This article is bulky. The stated shipping weight differs from the actual weight of the goods. The actual item weights are:
Roof Lodge Lightweight with self-inflating mattress: approx. 47 kg
Roof Lodge Lightweight with standard mattress: approx. 49 kg
Roof Lodge Lightweight with standard mattress and 3D mesh pad: approx. 52 kg

Save weight while driving and store the following parts inside the vehicle:
Ladder: approx. 4.3 kg
self-inflating mattress: 5.2 kg / standard mattress: 6 kg / standard mattress with 3D mesh pad: 9.5 kg

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