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Synco Lube Sportman`s Kit Multipurpose Oil

Synco Lube Sportman`s Kit multi-purpose oil

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↪️ Multi-purpose oil ✔️ 7 ml precision oiler ✔️ 12 g tube of multi-purpose oil ✔️ including application accessories ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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With the Synco Lube® Sportsman's Kit, your sports equipment works reliably and smoothly. The... more

With the Synco Lube® Sportsman's Kit, your sports equipment works reliably and smoothly. The high-quality, synthetic lubricants with Syncolon® (PTFE) are tailored to the needs of many sports such as hunting and fishing.

The lubricants penetrate quickly, thereby extending the life of your equipment. and are anti-corrosive, impermeable to salt water and fresh water.

Typical applications:
Crankshaft, thumb buttons, ball bearings, brake, hammer / firing pin, drums / cylinder, slide, rail system,
Rifle barrel and stock, hand cock / safety rifle, etc. - loading mechanism and shutter, trigger mechanism,
Compound bows / crossbows - cams / cam wheels, pulleys, rails, and sleds
Fishing reels (bait and spin fishing) - spool shaft, backstop,

Reduces friction
3-4 times more durable than conventional lubricants
Stable viscosity
Water repellent - prevents rust and corrosion
Excellent performance at both low and high temperatures
NSF classification H1

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