Nakatanenga Valuables Case 2012 - cubby box raise

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↪️ case / cubby box raiser for all Defender (all MY) ✔️ with hidden lock ✔️ optionally with switches, 12 V and USB sockets ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga Valuables Case 2012 - cubby box raise Nakatanenga valuables case and cubby box... more

Nakatanenga Valuables Case 2012 - cubby box raise

Nakatanenga valuables case and cubby box raiser for all Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (all MY), mounted beneath the cubby box / centre console, with hidden lock, optinally with switches, 12 V and USB sockets.

Provides additional storage space for all the odds and ends, like sun glasses, mobile phones, purses or other valuables. As it is mounted underneath the cubby box and features a hidden lock, this storage safe is hard to notice and thus gives additional security.

Other such cases often only offer space for a few documents, while our safe is large enough to hold items of larger size, cameras, mobile, navigation devices, money, glasses, etc. Usable interior space 43x26x14 cm.

In this is the new and improved version of our popular CUSADE the sockets have been replaced by waterproof heavy-duty items. You can optionally have double-sockets (for USB-A and USB-C) to allow for more than one device to be connected simultaneously, or have three 20 A rocker switches pre-installed to operate in-car electronic devices such as air supply, fride, LED worklights etc.

The different front panels are available individually, so that you can change your configuraiton at a later time.

When using the suitable twist-lock plugs, the 12 V sockets securely lock the plug in place, which is an additional advantage e.g. in severe off-road conditions.

In vehicles with interior bulkhead the case can only be opened a few centimetres as the cubby box will then foul the bulkhead. This case can still be used for shallow items.

Comes with two keys (which can be reordered).

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