Copper cable for winch

Copper cable H07RN-F, extended version, 35mm², 1 metre

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  • H07RNF-35
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Copper cable H07RN-F, extended version, 35mm², 1 metre High-quality copper cable, 35 mm², e.g.... more

Copper cable H07RN-F, extended version, 35mm², 1 metre

High-quality copper cable, 35 mm², e.g. for jump-start or winch cable, price per metre. Order this article as often as you need 1 m length.

Manufacturer information:
H07RN-F, extended version are heavy rubber hose cables for connecting heavy duty equipment and for connecting commercial and agricultural machinery where the cables are subject to medium mechanical stresses. (e.g. machine tools, hot plates, hand lamps, power tools) Suitable for use in dry, damp or wet rooms as well as outdoors in accordance with the intended use as per DIN EN 50565-2 (VDE 0298-565-2). Fixed installation e.g. on plaster in temporary buildings and residential barracks is permissible. Continuous, operational movements, forced guidance or use on cable drums or rollers or under tensile load with a conductor cross-section of more than 15 N/mm² are not permitted. Arrangements of single-core rubber-sheathed cables H07RN-F can be used for short-circuit and earth-fault protected installations according to VDE 0100-520 (VDE 0100-520).

Extended fields of application due to additional properties:

    Halogen-free materials with low smoke density in case of fire: Improved suitability for enclosed places with increased concentration of persons and material assets.
    Improved cold flexibility: Minimum conductor temperature of -40 °C in moving applications
    Wider temperature range: Maximum conductor temperature of +90°C instead of +60°C
    Standardised ozone resistance and wider temperature range: generally higher resistance outdoors
    Uninterrupted long-term immersion (AD8) up to 100 m water depth (no drinking water, minimum water temperature of +5°C, no chlorine water, only largely stagnant water without current)
    Drip-loop torsion resistance: As a torsion cable in the drip loop ("cable loop") of wind turbines between nacelle and tower.

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