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Portable Powerstation with multiple out outlets

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↪️ off road ✔️ off grid ✔️ large capacity ✔️ by Nakatanenga ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 16 kg

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Battery box with various connections, with solar panel In the 21st Century modern technology... more

Battery box with various connections, with solar panel

In the 21st Century modern technology is everywhere, even off-road and off the grid, but more often than not there is no power when you're out and about on some trail in some country.

One option is the classic cigarret-lighter as a power source, but in using this frequently you risk decharging your battery to a point where it won't start your car anymore. Another option would be a generator, but those are loud, impractical and noisy. To solve this probem highly portable powerbanks were invented, but for a multiple day long trip a small powerbank just won't cut it.

So, what if you had a lagre but portable power bank? One you could simply charge, even off the grid, maybe with a solar panel? And one that is heavy dut enough to endure week long trips and years of use ? 

Hold on, that's exactly what we did! This compact, but long-lasting Powerstation (33Ah) offers a cigaret lighter-output and two USB-ports (5V - 2.1A), in a roubust shell. It can simply be charged using our solar panels by Optimate. 

  • robust shell
  • portable design
  • comfortable handle
  • easily straped down inside the car
  • 20 A car-fuse
  • 2x USB-plug (out)
  • 1x cigaret-lighter (out)
  • 1x Optimate solar-panel plug (in)
  • 1x On-/Off-switch 
  • simply plug in and off you go
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