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Pillow bag and organizer bag including ID patch

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↪️ mesh bag ✔️ 40 x 27 cm ✔️ including fluorescent ID patch ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Pillow and Organizer Bag Whatever the activity, whether it’s sports, swimming, camping or... more

Pillow and Organizer Bag

Whatever the activity, whether it’s sports, swimming, camping or traveling, you always want to keep your stuff safe and clean: clothes, socks, sports gear, small equipment and many other things. The Nakatanenga Organizer and Pillow Bag will help you with all of that. Made from sturdy mesh fabric and featuring a robust zipper, it will keep all your things organized, secure and also ventilated. The latter aspect is especially important when it comes to wet, sweaty or dirty items. After all, the last thing you want to do is stuff them into bags or suitcases like that. Bad idea! Or into plastic bags. Even worse!

Dimensions of 400 x 270 mm make our Organizer and Pillow Bag big enough for running shoes and all other items that you may require for your outdoor activities and don’t want to pack into non-breathable bags or stuff sacks. In the camp or in your vehicle, you can hang our Organizer/Pillow Bag from any hook, clip or line with its sewn-in loop. Strapped to a backpack or hung from a branch, the bag’s contents can breathe and dry out, even if it takes longer until you can wash them. This prevents smells and mildew.

As always with our outdoor textiles, we are dedicated to provide quality workmanship and most of all to maximize additional functionality. That’s also why we are offering our Organizer Bags in four different, otherwise quite stylish color schemes: black, coyote, olive-camouflage and gray-coyote. In a family of four, for example, this makes it easy to give everyone their own immediately recognizable bag. If you require quick identification of your stuff in larger groups, in team sports or summer camps for instance, there’s also a Velcro patch for your name. Even in the dark, the fluorescent sticker makes finding your mesh bag a breeze. And in case you want to keep a lot of your own stuff separate but always handy, you can use several bags to color-code the contents: black for underwear, gray for socks etc. Like we said, get organized!

Last but not least: If you need to watch your pack weight because of your hobby or sport or because you’re long-distance trekking, you can turn the Organizer Bag into a comfy pillow. Simply stuff a jacket or a fleece into it and enjoy the comfort of a nice head rest without worrying about additional weight or packing space. The light mesh fabric can easily be hand-washed or put into the machine at up to 60 degrees Celsius.

400 x 270 mm

Black, coyote, olive-camouflage und gray-coyote

Polyester/nylon mixed fabric

Washable at 60°C

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