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Wind Deflector ClimAir Land Rover Defender, front

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↪️ pair of ClimAir wind deflectors for all Land Rover Defender ✔️ for front passenger and driver's door ✔️ easy fitting ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • NACLI0033407-B
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Wind Deflector ClimAir Land Rover Defender, Front Off-road vehicles are not designed for... more

Wind Deflector ClimAir Land Rover Defender, Front

Off-road vehicles are not designed for aerodynamically perfect airflow. So far, so obvious and normally it doesn’t matter anyway because in a 4x4 you’re unlikely to reach the speeds where it becomes problematic. But there is one aspect where the rustic box shape of Defender does show the effects of aerodynamic neglect and that’s the nearly rectangular shape and the straight and vertical positioning of the windows.

There’s more than one reason in a 4x4 to crack your windows a little, whether you’re off-roading or it’s cold and wet. Your classic Defender’s windows for instance are misting up because the ventilation famously isn’t up to the job of defogging them. And that’s when you see the effect we’ve talked about in the beginning. The drag around the cracked windows is not only loud, it also pulls more dust and water inwards and that’s pretty annoying, even for hardcore off-roaders.

Wind deflectors by ClimAir for Defender, offer the perfect solution. Their tailor-made fit and robust build guarantee improved intake of fresh air and better climatic conditions inside the vehicle all year round while protecting the windows. Made from high-quality acrylic glass, the deflectors reliably keep out rainwater and snow, whether the car is being driven or parked somewhere. On hot days, you can prevent heat build-up in the car by leaving the window cracked open – a huge improvement for children and pets alike when travelling or while waiting in a carpark. Smokers and especially their passengers will also appreciate the fresh air.

ClimAir wind deflectors are available in transparent, smoke grey or black and come with German type approval (ABE). Fitting them is easy and only a question of minutes. The manual is included. Deflectors are sold in pairs for front and rear doors respectively and have to be ordered separately.

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