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PU29 control element for AUTOTERM parking heater

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↪️ Control element AUTOTERM Air 2D, 4D, Flow 5D (= Planar 2D, 44D, Binar 5s) parking heaters ✔️ incl. timer ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Comfort is when you don’t have to worry about life’s basics and feeling warm and cozy is... more

Comfort is when you don’t have to worry about life’s basics and feeling warm and cozy is definitely one of them, especially when camping, on a weekend trip or a 4x4 adventure. And since there is always too much on everyone’s to do list anyway, it’s a great relief when there’s at least one job you never have to worry about before you hit the sleeping bag or your bunk.

That’s where the Comfort Control PU29 remote for Autoterm/Planar Diesel air heaters 2D and 4D comes in. Completely redesigned and greatly improved when compared to its predecessor, the PU29 activates and deactivates your heater based on timer and/or thermostat settings. Choose from three timer modes for recurring heating intervals, a power mode for constant output, ventilation-only modes e.g. for reducing air humidity inside your camper and last but not least the new thermostat mode. The latter was added due to popular request and allows for setting and maintaining comfortable temperatures by individual degrees centigrade. No more nights in the camper when it’s constantly either too cold or too hot.

The new design is also much more comfortable and ergonomic. The OLED display, the multifunctional, non-slip rotary dial as well as two push buttons make selecting and setting the desired functions really easy. Navigating the menus is intuitive and straightforward and basic functions can be accessed directly with a shortcut button.

Despite a bigger display and more functions, the PU29 is actually smaller in size than its predecessor. With dimension of only 82 x 37 x 19 mm, you can hide it easily but you don’t have to because the new design is a lot more stylish and will make a nice feature in any camper.

Concern for space is one thing in camping mobiles, the usage of electricity is another. In that respect, the remote control has also improved by minimizing its own power consumption. Moreover, the PU29 is capable of monitoring the voltage, effectively eliminating the danger of the heater deep discharging the battery. Another great feature is an alert function reminding you when to burn off soot deposits in the combustion chamber.

Connecting the Comfort Control remote is as easy as plug & play.

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