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General Grabber AT3 255/60R19
Please inform me as soon as the product is available again. Please note: Items with a fixed delivery time may only be specially made or ordered when you place an order!

Complete wheel set General Grabber AT3 255 / 60R19 113V on aluminum rim Dezent TH 8,5x19 "ET40

€2,080.00 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

↪️ General Grabber AT3 ✔️ 255 / 60R19 113V ✔️ on Dezent TH aluminum rim ✔️ 8.5x19 "ET40 5x120 ✔️ incl. TPMS sensor ✔️ suitable for the New Defender
  • 156 kg Sperrgut

Delivery time 5-10 business days

Color of the rims:


Alcar rim in silver or dark The light alloy wheel gives large vehicles an elegant lightness... more

Alcar rim in silver or dark

The light alloy wheel gives large vehicles an elegant lightness without looking like a foreign body. The wide spokes framed by raised edges fit perfectly with the physique of the practical "heavyweight athlete". The clear, playful design language also fits in well with the picture and also has the advantage that the DEZENT TH is easy to clean in both summer and winter. Finally, the compact center adds a dash of sportiness and dynamism.

Technically, the bike is of course also up to date and, for example, fully TPMS-compatible! DEZENT and the other brands of the ALCAR Group are playing a pioneering role in this area and have already prepared themselves perfectly for the new EU regulation, which will make tire pressure monitoring systems mandatory for all new vehicles from November 2014.

Technical specifications:
Width: 8.5 "
Diameter: 19 "
Press-in depth: 40 mm
Color: silver or black
Hole circle: 5 / 127.0
Payload: up to 975 kg
Among other things suitable for the Land Rover New Defender.

TPMS sensor Alcar Plug & Drive 3.2
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are systems built into motor vehicles for the constant monitoring of tire pressure. A distinction is made between direct (measure tire pressure with a sensor in the wheel) and indirect (measure via the vehicle's ABS sensors) systems. If a pressure loss occurs in one or more tires, the driver is informed directly on the display inside the vehicle.

TPMS fulfill four functions:

  • They increase driving safety through better grip, more stable steering behavior and shorter braking distances
  • You avoid increased fuel consumption due to incorrect tire pressure
  • They prevent increased tire wear caused by insufficient tire pressure
  • They reduce CO² emissions through lower fuel consumption and longer tire life.

General Grabber AT3 all-season tires

  • The tire for every adventure
  • This new all-terrain tire meets all the requirements of modern SUVs, pick-up trucks and off-road vehicles. It offers a combination of exceptional off-road mobility and very good behavior on the road, in all weather conditions.
  • Experience exceptional traction on any surface
  • Drive reliably into your off-road adventure

Technical details
Thanks to numerous grip edges in the innovative tread, the tire interlocks with the loose surface and thus offers the best transmission of drive and braking forces. The open shoulder of the profile ensures efficient self-cleaning and additional traction in the mud.
The tread, made of a robust rubber compound and reinforced rows of blocks, ensures a long service life for the tires, even when used in rough terrain. In addition, it provides reliable stability under all permitted load conditions due to an extra strong steel belt construction.
Uniform material distribution thanks to the uniform profile geometry. Good interlocking with the road surface due to the optimized arrangement of the tread blocks. Both properties enable this all-terrain tire to roll on the road with much more comfort.

Sidewall Features:

  • Lateral protection blocks
  • Solid blocks from the tire shoulder to the sidewall protect this area from lateral damage from stones, rocks and rubble.
  • Rejection ribs
  • A series of layered deflecting ribs repel foreign bodies and thus protect the upper side wall area from penetration.
  • Rim protection rib
  • The rim protection rib protects the tire and rim in the bead area from damage caused by curbs and obstacles in off-road use.
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