Hutchinson Beadlock Rim, Mercedes G
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Hutchinson Beadlock Rim for Mercedes Pinzgauer

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↪️ for driving with lowest air pressure ✔️ with TÜV parts certificate ✔️ for Mercedes Pinzgauer ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • HUTCHWA-0491
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Hutchinson Beadlock Rim for Mercedes Pinzgauer Hutchinson beadlock rims have been synonymous... more

Hutchinson Beadlock Rim for Mercedes Pinzgauer

Hutchinson beadlock rims have been synonymous worldwide for years with uncompromising quality and reliability wherever "it matters" - from military units to special protection vehicles to expeditionary vehicles and into the leisure sector, the high-quality cast aluminium wheels have proven their worth.

The off-roader would like to lower the air pressure of his tyres in order to increase the contact area of the tyres and achieve more traction. Now it can happen that the tyre slips off the rim, a complete loss of air would be the consequence as well as damage to the tyre if the incident is not noticed immediately and the vehicle is stopped. Also, in the desert, for example, sand can get trapped between the tyre and the rim, leading to a gradual loss of air. To avoid this, so-called beadlock rims were developed - with these, the tyre is pressed against the rim flanges of the two-piece rim from the inside by means of a rubber bead.

Hutchinson beadlock rims are the only rims of this type on the market that have a parts certificate, i.e. they can be used legally on the road. Load capacities of up to 1,500 kg per rim further underline the quality of these exceptional rims. Self-locking nuts of strength class 8 made of highly corrosion-resistant material ensure the secure hold of the rim components but also a neat appearance.

Not only the legal side of the Hutchinson rims is pleasingly simple. No special tools are required for mounting, and the rims are maintenance-free after installation. Increase the mobility and manoeuvrability of your vehicle with the Hutchinson beadlock rims, even at the lowest air pressures, and avoid dirt, sand and water getting into the tyres when off-roading!

Technical data:
Rim dimensions: 7.5x16"
Bolt circle: 5x130 mm
Press-in depth: 63.0 mm
Centre hole: 85.5 mm
Load capacity: 1,300 kg

As a useful addition to beadlock rims, we strongly recommend a compressed air system to be able to re-inflate the tyres. We can offer you solutions ranging from simple portable compressors to permanently installed compressed air systems which are also suitable for operating compressed air tools (such as impact wrenches) to complete tyre inflation systems (CTIS) for rally applications - please contact us!

When ordering, please be sure to state the planned tyre type as well as the tyre size so that we can enclose the appropriate beadlock rings!







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