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XLifter air suspension control

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Air suspension control for electronic raising and lowering with self-leveling Make the most of... more

Air suspension control for electronic raising and lowering with self-leveling

Make the most of the air suspension of your vehicle with the XLift. At the touch of a button you can adjust the height of your vehicle according to your needs.
The XLifter can automatically level your vehicle itself, so you can, for example, when camping no longer need to search for a flat surface.

Basic information:

  • Vehicle height adjustment in seven predefined programs: -35 mm, -25 mm, -15 mm, 0 mm, +15 mm, +25 mm, +55 mm, +75 mm.
  • Precise height adjustment from -40 mm to +75 mm in 5 mm increments in "free" mode.
  • Automatic self-leveling of up to 4 ° for comfortable camping.
  • Intuitive operation, graphical OLED display.
  • Simple "plug and play" installation without vehicle conversions, wireless technology.
  • Compatible with the Land Rover Discovery 3, Land Rover Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport L320.
  • Dimensions: Control unit 40 × 71 × 15 mm, EAS unit 70 × 110 × 29 mm

In Lifter mode, 7 preset programs are available:

  • Sky Rocket +75 mm
  • Extra high level for technically demanding terrain. Corresponds to the reinforced stilt function. Only to be used temporarily and with caution.
  • Off Road +55 mm
  • Corresponds to the original ground level level, but without speed limit. Suitable for continuous use.
  • One inch lift +25 mm
  • For easy off-road terrain. Suitable for continuous use.
  • Aesthetic lift +15 mm
  • Minor increase for a better look. Suitable for continuous use.
  • Disengaged +0 mm
  • No change in level height. XLifter is inactive for the vehicle.
  • Highway Drop -15 mm
  • Slight reduction for a better look. Suitable for continuous use.
  • One inch drop -25 mm
  • Better aerodynamics and possibly lower fuel consumption. Better roadholding. Suitable for continuous use.
  • Super drop -35 mm
  • Extra low level height for areas with low ceiling height or for loading the vehicle. Air springs are almost empty. Only for short-term use.

Suitable for: Land Rover Dicovery 3 & 4 and Range Rover Sport L320

Please note:
The XLifter is NOT approved for use within the scope of the STVO!

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