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Nakatanenga tactical weapon belt

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↪️️ ITW NEXUS quick adjustment ✔️ for sport shooters and hunters ✔️ 3 colour variants ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga Tactical Weapon Belt  Light, comfortable, safe and easily adjustable – those... more

Nakatanenga Tactical Weapon Belt 

Light, comfortable, safe and easily adjustable – those are only some of the major advantages of Tactical Bear rifle straps made by our won textile shop. The gun sling is perfect for light to medium-weight hunting and sports rifles and features adjustable and comfortable padding that is easy to lock in place. It also sports a solid and reliable fast adjustment buckle by ITW NEXUS.

This combination of features guarantees additional security, because when you carry a rifle in difficult terrain you don’t want to tire out and you don’t want the weapon to slide off your shoulder or back. With the ITW NEXUS buckle and its sturdy pull cord, the strap can be quickly and single-handedly tightened for a snug fit or adjusted for different carry styles. This ensures safe carrying in all sorts of terrain and during all sorts of movements, no matter what else you’re wearing or carrying on your person. Adjusting the buckle is almost completely silent, by the wa,y and that’s a great advantage for use with hunting rifles, of course.

As always with our own textile products, we make sure that only top quality material is used and that all seams are as tearproof as possible. All textiles and plastic parts are Made in EU. The robust and durable synthetic material is easy to clean. Tactical Bear rifle straps come in black, gray and coyote.

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