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SPARE - Replacement cover for Roof Lodge Evolution 2, TPU

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↪️️ Replacement cover for Roof Lodge Evolution 2 ✔️ for width 140 cm ✔️ Heavy duty nylon fabric ✔️ fast shipping
  • 4,5 kg

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Replacement cover for Roof Lodge Evolution 2. The protective cover has been completely revised... more

Replacement cover for Roof Lodge Evolution 2.

The protective cover has been completely revised for the current 2021 tent series. The protective covers are now made of a material that has proven itself for years in maritime environments, but is also indispensable for tactical equipment - TPU.
TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane and does not describe a single plastic but a complete class of materials. The range of applications for TPU is enormous and extends from instrument panels to medical devices to shoe soles and mobile phone covers. Everyone is probably familiar with this material from high-quality cable insulation. TPU is usually used when high wear resistance, good cold flexibility and insensitivity to external influences are required. TPU meets all these requirements in an ideal way. Since TPU does not release any plasticisers, this material is not only much more resistant to ageing than PVC, it is also more environmentally friendly.
But TPU alone does not make a premium-class roof tent cover. The "basic frame", to which the bonnets owe their robustness, plays almost as important a role. A nylon fabric is used for this, which rightly bears the suffix Heavy Duty. Thanks to this fabric, the total tensile strength is 1500N/50mm - a remarkable value for a material thickness of 0.65mm and a weight of 672 g/m². After all, this material was originally developed for the underskin of folding boats and is still even used for entire boat skins.

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