Roof Tent Roof Lodge Lightweight 140 Basic - the complete package

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Roof Lodge Lightweight 140 Basic roof tent - the complete package This offer already includes... more

Roof Lodge Lightweight 140 Basic roof tent - the complete package

This offer already includes all the accessories that make travelling with a car roof tent even more comfortable. Just decide on a mattress and the optional awning.


The following accessories are already included in this complete roof tent set:

  • 3D mesh mattress underlay (10mm; optional with our Saar foam mattresses) - the icing on the cake when it comes to sleeping comfort in the roof tent. This underlay also prevents condensation, which is typical of roof tents with closed windows.
  • Ladder levelling feet - a secure stand of the ladder, independent of the ground, helps to avoid damage to the roof tent.
  • Stowage net - for all the things you prefer to stow away outside the roof tent.
  • LED tent lighting

The LIGHTWEIGHT roof tent - the technical components:

>>> Detailed explanations and a description of the points listed below can be found on our info page, which opens in a new window. >>>

  • Tent skin and awning: 102 g/sqm technical RipStop nylon, Oxford weave, PU-coated
  • outwardly curved 25mm aluminium poles ensure noticeably higher stability of the roof tent and better water drainage
  • Thermoplastic honeycomb floor; German brand product
  • 2 "lockable" roof windows with mosquito protection
  • fine-mesh mosquito protection on all windows and the entrance
  • Aluminium sliding ladder

Choose a mattress:

  • one-piece mattress (60mm thick; also available with optional 3D mesh mattress base); available in two hardnesses; specially developed by Saar-Schaum (Germany) for use in folding tents.
    • standard mattress: recommended for persons up to 100 kg or those who like to lie softer
    • hard mattress: recommended for people over 100 kg or those who like to lie harder
  • Self-inflating mattress

Also available: our optional awning

  • Sidewalls: 102 g/sqm technical RipStop nylon, Oxford weave, PU coated.
    • Height awning/annex room 200cm
    • Footprint 140 cm x 130 cm
    • 4 side walls that can be rolled up or opened out independently of each other; the side walls can be joined by means of the zips and you get a 5-sided enclosed space
    • the lighter fabric lets a pleasant amount of light into the awning

Product description Light Roof Tent LIGHTWEIGHT

Why and for whom a Roof Lodge LIGHTWEIGHT roof tent?

For car campers and roof tent enthusiasts, roof loads are often a (ge)important issue. If you take it lightly, you risk roof damage. But away from the play on words and towards the bare figures, because the trend is clear: the average dynamic roof loads of vehicles are falling. While the G-Class with 200 kg and the new Defender with up to 168 kg are still solid values, things go downhill pretty quickly after that. Even a new Land Cruiser J150 Prado only manages 80 kilos, and in the normal passenger car segment the average is closer to 60 kilos, with a downward trend. In addition to changes in vehicle statics due to lightweight construction and electrification, the increased use of sensors and assistance systems is probably responsible for this. And even if the values for a stationary vehicle are of course considerably higher, the critical range for commercially available roof tents is approaching.

At Nakatanenga, we are reacting to this development at an early stage and have therefore developed the Roof Lodge Lightweight, an ultra-light roof tent which, with a total weight of only approx. 46 kg, weighs a record low on the scales or the car roof. Of course, there are no restrictions on the space, comfort and weather protection you are used to from our Roof Lodges. How does it work?

What is the difference between the LIGHTWEIGHT roof tent and our EVOLUTION 2 folding tents?

>>> Detailed explanations and a description of the points listed below can be found on our info page, which opens in a new window. >>>

First of all, we use 100% Oxford nylon with ripstop for the skin of the Lightweight, an extremely strong but surprisingly light material that weighs in at only 102 g/m2. Compared to the 320 g/m2 on our Evolution 2, this is a reduction of a whopping 78%. The fabric of the tent skin and the sun awning of the Lightweight are identical, PU-coated on the inside and impregnated on the outside. This means that no compromises are made in terms of wind and rain protection.

How can weight be saved on the roof when travelling with the roof tent?

Further weight can be saved on the Roof Lodge Lightweight by choosing the mattresses. As an alternative to our one-piece standard foam mattress (60 mm, approx. 5 kg) and the optional 3D mesh mattress (approx. 3.5 kg), we also offer a self-inflating Kampa mattress with a thickness of 10 cm and a weight of approx. 5.5 kg. The 10 cm thickness of the air mattress has been chosen so that, with a lower total weight, a comparable lying comfort and similar insulation properties to the combination of foam mattress with mesh underlay are given.

Last but not least, the aluminium ladder can be removed and transported inside the car, which reduces both the roof load and the overall height of the vehicle. On car ferries, for example, 10 cm less height can often make a money-saving difference.

Anyone who would like to go on a road trip with their own roof tent in times of limited contact, but does not have heavy four-wheel drive vehicles and would like to experience this adventurous way of travelling in the best sense of the word with station wagons, SUVs and even smaller cars up to hatchbacks, will be delighted with the Roof Lodge Lightweight.

This item is bulky goods. The stated shipping weight differs from the actual item weight. The actual item weights are:

  • Roof Lodge Lightweight with self-inflating mattress: approx. 47 kg.
  • Roof Lodge Lightweight with standard mattress: approx 49 kg
  • Roof Lodge Lightweight with standard mattress and 3D mesh underlay: approx. 52 kg

Save weight during the journey and stow the following items inside the vehicle:

  • Ladder: approx. 4.3 kg
  • Self-inflating mattress: 5,2 kg
  • Saar foam mattress: 5 kg (standard) and 7kg (hard)
  • Saar foam mattress with 3D mesh underlay: 8kg and 10kg respectively

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