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Mini DrySeparatingToilet KoMa Poop Box

€359.00 *

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↪️ Mini-DrySeparatingToilet ✔️ KoMa poop box ✔️ with "vent valve" and odour trap ✔️ Euro standard dimension 40x30x32.7 cm ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 5 kg

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Mini dry separation toilet This mobile toilet manages without any water at all, urine and... more

Mini dry separation toilet

This mobile toilet manages without any water at all, urine and faeces are stored separately. The compact poop box contains everything it needs in just one box (40 x 30 x 32.7 cm) and is ready for immediate use. No odour development!
This is ensured by a special odour trap and a vent. 

The poop box is an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to a chemical toilet! Are you a mobile tradesman?
Or on a building site? Especially in these times of pandemics? Or are you on the road as a transporter/truck driver? Are you stuck in traffic jams? Do you have to cross borders? Generally on the road in times of Corona? Hygiene? Waiting time?
You need this mobile toilet if you are travelling in an expedition vehicle, car with roof tent, bus, van, camper van or a vehicle with a caravan or similar and there are no toilets within reach.

  • discreet and practical
  • compact and light
  • user-friendly
  • no leakage or spillage
  • environmentally friendly
  • independent, quick disposal
  • clean handling without disgust
  • easy and quick to clean
  • hygienic and odourless
  • good quality at a fair price

You will find a suitable activated carbon filter in the selection window.

With open lid loadable up to approx. 180 kg. 

An ideal complement to the dry separation toilet is our toilet roll holder and seat cover for the poop box.

Included components

  • 1pcs box 40 x 30 x 32 cm
  • 1pc 5-litre canister including odour trap
  • 1 bucket including spacer for canister
  • 1 separator insert deep-drawn from 5 mm polypropylene
  • 1 powder-coated aluminium lid with detachable stainless steel hinges

Available in grey and black. The colour of the plastic insert may vary.

You can find a suitable activated carbon filter here.

For hygienic reasons, this item is generally excluded from return.

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