Nakatanenga seat pad

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Nakatanenga Seat Pad You can always do better when it comes to comfort in the Great Outdoors... more

Nakatanenga Seat Pad

You can always do better when it comes to comfort in the Great Outdoors and, hand on heart, is there anything more satisfying than making a home away from home for your family and loved ones? Camping and outdoor activities usually start tough and spartan but gradually you work your way back to comfort and coziness, especially when girlfriends, wives and daughters are part of the equation. And that’s where our comfortable, warm and highly practical seat covers come in. To be used on camping chairs, benches, tree stumps or even on the ground, you will get a lot more enjoyment out of your outdoor adventures and a lot less one-sided roasting around the campfire.

Our Nakatanenga seat covers come in two varieties: one made with sustainable natural materials, the other with tough synthetics. Both cushion types are universal in their use, fold into a small bag and can be easily carried by their own handles. They have two distinct sides so that you can use them in different weather condition and surroundings just by flipping them over.  One side is warm and comfy, the other one more robust, water-resistant and easy to clean. This makes these seat covers extremely versatile, not only for sitting but also as warm and protective ground covers for little ones or your furry friends.

The natural material variety is an Anglo-Bavarian combo. One side is stepped waxed cotton, as made popular by Barbour jackets, the other side is high quality natural Loden. The waxed cotton is extremely water repellant and dirt resistant. The Loden side is first and foremost warm and comfy. Due to its natural and gentle manufacturing process, the Loden still contains enough natural Lanolin from the sheep’s wool to give this material a certain degree of water resistance. Friends of natural materials will therefore not object to the subtle scent of Lanolin. This is part of Loden like wood smoke belongs to a campfire.

The synthetic version features a sturdy, water-resistant side with Nylon PU-coating and a comfy side made from wool. 5 mm strong layer of rubber foam makes sitting on this seat cover extremely comfortable. Moreover, Nylon PU coating is extremely durable and completely free from harmful plastic softeners. Both cover varieties are held in place by an elastic band in the back.

Dimensions: 0,47 x 1 m

Stepped Waxed Cotton and Loden felt.
Nylon PU coating, rubber foam and wool

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