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Tool Roll - tool bag single items

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↪️ High quality tool roll - tool bag ✔️ modular ✔️ removable pockets ✔️ incl. ID patches ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Tool Roll - modular tool bag The principle of Tool Roll is as ingenious as it is old: roll out... more

Tool Roll - modular tool bag

The principle of Tool Roll is as ingenious as it is old: roll out instead of junk. The square fits into the round, remains always at the intended place and therefore takes less space altogether. Can you still improve that? We say yes.

The newly developed, modular Nakatanenga Tool Roll owes its added value to our experience as an off-roader, screwdriver and also as a fan of tactical equipment. Large Velcro surfaces on the baseplate make our tool roll freely populated and extremely flexible.

Depending on the size of the baseplate, it is possible to attach a maximum of eight separately available tool bags in four rows. A bag of size M correspond exactly to two of the size S. Through this modular system you take then only the tool sets, which are really needed. And we also thought about it: Loose bits and pieces find their place in the sewn-in mesh pockets.

The Tool Roll rolls up clean even with maximum placement and is quickly closed or opened with two clip closures. Carrying handle and shoulder strap mean easy transportation. When deployed, the Toll Roll on the D-rings (two or three depending on size) is hung on the wall, on the vehicle or on the tree in the field. Robust, high quality nylon is our material of choice.

With the choice of different sizes and combinable bags you will find as a mechanic, handyman, biker and cyclist guaranteed your own, optimal NakatanengaTool Roll combination.

Material bag / base plate: 100% nylon (buckles: Duralfex / ITW / Dekal)

Magnetic plate: 10x10 cm
Working document Gr. S: 80x45 cm
Working document Gr. M: 80x24 cm


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