Albrecht DR 114 DAB+ Emergency Outdoor Radio with Camping Lamp

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Albrecht DR 114 DAB+ Emergency Outdoor Radio with Camping Lamp Description: Extendable... more

Albrecht DR 114 DAB+ Emergency Outdoor Radio with Camping Lamp


  • Extendable camping lamp in 3 brightness levels
  • Multiple power sources: integrated rechargeable battery, hand crank, USB or solar panel
  • DAB+ and FM reception
  • Music streaming from smartphone
  • Mobile PowerBank: charge electronic devices via the USB output
  • Solid, shockproof housing and water protection according to IPX5 standard
  • SOS alarm function

The Albrecht DR 114 is the perfect companion for all camping fans: as a true multi-talent, the compact outdoor radio not only provides listeners on the move with the latest information and music (reception via FM / DAB+ / streaming), but is also a torch, camping light and power bank - and all this without an external power supply! Because as a solar radio or crank radio, the DR 114 is independent of external power sources and is therefore perfect for all camping trips and outdoor activities such as hiking, picnics, beach trips and of course all everyday situations. Back at home or in the car, the DR 114 can be conveniently charged via the USB-C connection.
With its robust housing, the DR 114 is very shock-resistant and waterproof according to IPX5 standard. Last but not least: With the help of the integrated SOS alarm function, visual and acoustic emergency calls can be sent should the need arise!
The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) advises on its website to buy a crank radio. The reason for this is foreseeable and unforeseeable dangers, for example, from floods, heavy snowfall with avalanches or large-scale, prolonged power cuts. Often, the only remaining means of warning and information is a radio. This must be able to be operated with a rechargeable battery or batteries. The Albrecht DR112 and DR114 crank radios are suitable for this purpose. In addition to all other requirements, they also have an integrated solar panel and a hand crank so that they can function without an external power supply. At the same time, the DAB+ radios can also be used as a PowerBank to charge smartphones and other USB devices.


  • DAB+/UKW radio reception
  • Extendable camping lamp with handle in 3 brightness levels
  • Music streaming from smartphone/tablet to radio
  • PowerBank for charging external devices
  • Solar panel and hand crank to charge the radio when no power source is at hand
  • SOS emergency call function sends out a visual and acoustic signal
  • Station presets: 10 each in DAB+/UKW
  • Operating time approx. 10 hours
  • Water-protected according to IPX5 standard
  • Very solid, resistant silicone housing with good haptics
  • Torch
  • 2 adjustable alarm times and snooze function
  • 10 menu languages selectable: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish
  • Large, bright LCD display with time display and background lighting
  • Telescopic antenna can be retracted into the housing

Technical data:

  • Crank: 1 minute of cranking = approx. 3 minutes of listening to the radio
  • Solar cell: 1 hour of sun = approx. 20 minutes of radio listening
  • Camping lamp: 80 lumen
  • 2x 7 watt stereo speakers
  • USB-C charging socket (input)
  • USB 5V / 2A (output)
  • Power supply: 3.7V lithium-ion battery 5000 mAh
  • Operating temperature: from -10 to +55 °C
  • Weight: 810 g (incl. lithium-ion battery)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 106 x 101 x 200 mm

Scope of delivery: DR 114 outdoor radio, lithium-ion battery 5000 mAh, USB-C charging cable, protective nylon pouch, instructions


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