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Helinox Cot One Convertible - Camping Bed

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↪️ small and handy ✔️ super easy ✔️ comfortable ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Cot One Convertible: Nothing is more important for a good mood and well-being than a good... more

Cot One Convertible:

Nothing is more important for a good mood and well-being than a good night's rest, which of course is especially true outdoors, no matter if you're 'just' camping or if you're on a highly demanding expedition. Lucky for you, the perfectionists at Helinox do not only think about sitting in their chairs, but also about the maybe even more important laying down. The Cot One is rightly so-called the "Anywhere Bed", and is an absolute must-have.

On average, it's just over 2 kg light and when stored in the bag under 60 cm long, it can be stowed and taken anywhere. The structure is iconic for Helinox. A total of 6 items, including two rods, 3 legs and the pad, transform into an extremely lightweight, comfortable and durable cot in less than a minute. The set-up is unique, as the leg rests bring tension to the lying surface via a sturdy click fastener. As with all outdoor furniture, the cots are designed for the weight of American Back Country bear: up to 145 kg are guaranteed. And since nothing is more annoying than a bed that is too short, there is the Cot One in the long version with 2.10 m instead of only 1.90 m in length. The separate, 12-piece Cot Legs-set finally brings the Cot One to a comfortable height of 44 cm.

Cot One Convertible:
Color: blue / black
Weight: 2,320 g
Load: 145 kg
Size: 190 x 68 x 16 cm
Height: 16 cm
Pack size: 54 x 16 x 16 cm

Cot One Convertible long:
Color: blue / black
Weight: 2,850 g
Load: 145 kg
Size: 210 x 68 x 16 cm
Height: 16 cm
Pack size: 54 x 16 x 16 cm
Cot Legs 12er Set:
Color: Black
Weight: 510 g
Height: 28 cm, total lying height 44 cm, 

Why Helinox?
Bent legs, cracked plastic joints, ripped fabric: These are what make up the majority of the camping-equipment market and should be the worst enemy of every environmentally conscious person. All too often is this overpriced equipment no more than a single-use product of the worst kind, and as hard on the wallet as it is on our planet: cheap fabrics, weird compounds, an incredibly short lifespan and the dump as the final destination.

Should you’ve carried an ultralight tent, produced by ‘the North Face’,’ Hilleberg’ or a similar high-quality brand, up a mountain and erected it within a few short minutes you might already have experienced the Helinox quality. Helinox is a brand produced by the South Korean company DAC, the hidden champion of the outdoor industry. For almost 30 years now, have the founder Jake La and his team been working on perfecting their technology of ultra-light but highly capable tent poles, trekking poles and other equipment. A special metal compound and am environmentally friendly production have made DAC a staple of the branch. 

The brand Helinox itself combines all their experiences with creative designs and an incredible desire for high quality, that will hold up under heavy use and keep functioning as it should. All the more reason for Nakatanenga to rely on Helinox.

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