Nakatanenga Shetland Wool beanie

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↪️ 100% Shetland wool ✔️ 4 different colors ✔️ handmade ✔️ ideal for outdoor activities ✔️ high quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga Shetland Wool beanie Winter is coming – and autumn, too, of course – but with our... more

Nakatanenga Shetland Wool beanie

Winter is coming – and autumn, too, of course – but with our new knitted beanie hats made from 100% Shetland wool, there’s nothing to worry about. The roll-up fisherman’s hats in coyote, blue, gray and brown are not only very easy on the eye, they will also keep you warm, in any weather. If you’ve ever seen sheep on the Shetlands, you know that this is no empty promise.

Naturally, as a high-quality product made from natural materials, our knitted beanies require a little more tender loving care than your usual industrial synthetics. That means only hand-wash cold and no tumble drying. Just like your favorite woolly jumper, the hats are best air-dried while laid out flat. That will keep our woolly Shetland docker hats in shape and elastic for many years to come. And just as a side note to those of you who are mainly used to synthetic materials: As a natural fiber, wool has its own characteristics. Among those are the sturdier touch and feel and the faint scent of lanolin, the sheep’s own water protection.

The cap is available in the colours blue, brown and coyote. The tightly ribbed knitting pattern makes our one-size-fits-all hats very elastic. They will fit women and men, the large and the small alike, from size S (54-55 cm) to XXL (62-63 cm).

For hygienic reasons, this item is generally excluded from return.

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